Wednesday, December 14, 2011

14th of December

Sorry, but I couldn't write the journal before because I had a problem, my grandmother has died and I coludn't write it before.
Today in Social Science everybody has asked Paqui about the exams. Then she has told as that she hadn't corrected the exams. She has explained the reason why she hadn't checked the exams, and she prefers to not talk about the topic.
Then Laura Meco and Yolanda Rubio has checked the squeme about the Decisions of the Congress of Vienna.
Later Paqui has explained to us the Holy Alliance that conteins 3 big empires in Continental Europe that are the following ones: Russia ( East ), Prussia and Austria ( Central Europe ) Un.Kingdom ( Seas and Oceans ).


After we have started with the point about The case of Spain:Fernando VII' Reign ( 1814-1833 )
           His reign can be divided into three stages:
                   *Reaction: Sexenio Absolutista ( 1814-1820 )
                   *Liberal Trennium ( 1820-1823 )
                   *Ominous Decade ( 1823-1833 )
Then she has told what is Mnifesto of the Perssion: It started explaining an old Persian tradition: 5 days of choos, without any role, before the arrival of a new king and the restocration of order.
     Here we have some words that we have learned today:
           Buffer State-Estado Tapón
           Balance of powers- Equilibrio de poderes
           To seed-Sembrar
           The seed of revolution-Semilla de la revolución
           Outbroak- Estallado, brote
           To keep a promise- Mantener una promesa
           To weigh up-Tantear, valorar, sopesar
                                                                                                          Bye, see you tomorrow


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Read again what you´ve written. There are a lot of spelling mistakes and many words haven´t got any sense in the way you´ve written them.

The reason why I haven´t corrected the exams has nothing to do with what some of your classmates have done. I´m changing my priorities. I´ve lost a lot of time of my life trying to do a good work and always thinking in the students. From now on, if I´m tired, I won´t correct the exams for the next day or two days after the exam. I will take my time and if you have to wait, you will wait, as you do it with other teachers. And this is not a punishment for you, but one of the conclusions I have reached after thinking about what I give and what I get in exchange.

Please correct the mistakes as soon as possible. Bye.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

I´m sorry for your loss. I hadn´t read the first line of your journal. May your grandmother rest in peace.