Thursday, December 15, 2011

15th December 2011

Today in Social Sciences at the beginning of the class we have been waiting for some few minutes because Paqui was in the class with other students finishing an exam. Afterwards we have gone into the class and Yolanda has asked Paqui if she had the exams but Paqui hadn't time to check them.
Then we have started cheking the scheme that we had to do, it was about Ferdinand VII's reign which was divided into three parts: Sexenio Absolutista, Liberal Triennium and the Ominous Decade.

Duke of Angouleme. Source: 

During the reign of Ferdinand VII the Absolutism was restored when the king asked for help to the Holy Alliance and they sent the Hundred Thousand Sons of Saint Louis (that were in total 127,000 soldiers) commanded by the Duke of Angouleme. Another important event that happened during the reign of Ferdinand VII was the independence of all the Spanish colonies in 1824 except from Santo Domingo, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. It led to a more realistic policy.
At the end of his reign, Ferdinand VII tried to change the succession laws. Concretely the law was called the Salic Law. This law was imposed by the Bourbons and it excluded women from the throne. to make his daughter queen but the many absolutists supported Carlos María Isidro of Borbón, Ferdinand VII's brother. All this led to the First Carlist War. We have copied a scheme with these ideas.

Then at the end of the class Paqui has asked for a boy to write the journal and I have told her to write it, for homework we have to read the point four of the unit and do the exercise 19. Then we have given the notebooks to Paqui because she is going to check them and she has showed us a video that is called "This I believe", it includes a lot of interesting ideas, is better for all you to watch it (is on the post previous to this one).

See you!!


Juan Carlos said...

Very good journal , Javi! I am not in the class with you and the rest of classmates, but I am looking the unit to don't lose your track. I don't found any mistakes. Good journal!!!

See you tomorrow!

Diego López-Casero said...

hi javi,
good journal but you could add that we also have copied a scheme about the sucession problem and about pronunciamiento
see you

Manuel Cruz Martínez said...

Very good journal I can only found one mistake in the line 15 in Ferdinand "HE", you can put a coma or you have to erase the "HE", I don´t think that you have mor mistakes so very good journal

Rebeca García said...

Hello!! Javi good journal. You can add that the succession law that Ferdinand decided to change was called: Salic Law. It was imposed by the Bourbons,that excluded women from the throne.
I think that our behavior is better during these days and we must been always in this way because we can learn a lot of things more and is easier to understand the things.
About the video,I like so much, and I´ll always remember this sentence: ´´The life is no over until the heart stops beating``.

Javier Alberca said...

Hello everyone! I've checked all you have told me! Thanks!
Rebeca, I agree with you, I also liked a lot that setence.


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Thanks, Javi for offering to write the journal. Good work.