Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Twelve Interesting Amendments

Here you have a funny video I always remember when we study the Constitution of the USA and its amendments. It´s a piece of a film called Born yesterday. It tells the story of a businessman (John Goodman) who wants to make business in Washington and has an ex-showgirl girlfriend (Melanie Griffith). As he needs to make contacts with very rich and polite people, he hires a journalist (Don Johnson) to teach his girlfriend general culture  and how to behave in social gatherings and business dinners. The scene of the video shows Billie, the girl, during a business dinner teaching all these important people some of the amendments to the USA Constitution. She has memorized them changing the lyrics to the song On the first day of Christmas. As you know from your recent experience, this is a very useful and funny way of learning something. The video is subtitled in English, so you can sing, if you want ;)

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Laura Meco said...

This video is really funny Paqui! Although it's a bussiness dinner, they are having a good time singing the amendments!