Friday, October 14, 2011

13th of October

Hello Everyone!

On Friday in Social Sciences we made some presentations about paintings and sculptures of the Baroque Era and Cristina Blanco was with us.

Paqui wrote on the blackboard the steps we must follow like:

1.- Name and author



4.-Why is a Baroque painting or sculpture.

The first in explain as him scuplture was Diego with the Penitent Magdalen:
(Pedro de Mena)

Diego explained some interesting characteristics about this religious sculpture and he said that many sculptures ao this era were similar to this one.

Then was Ana de la Fuente with the Surrender of Breda:

(Diego Velázquez)


Ana explained us the meanings of the symbols of this beautiful painting like the number 13 of the spears and the axes of The Dutch.

Afterwards was Ana Lucas with The calling of Saint Matthew:

(Caravaggio )

She explained the main figures of the painting and she told us who were these people (between them is Jesus christ) and the use of light and shadows.

Then was Ángel with The Night Watch:


Ángel told us that the painting was bigger at the beggining but itwas cut because it couldn't be placed due to its size.He explained also that the girl is the pet of the company.

Finally was Manuel Cuz with The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp:

This painting is alittle disgusting but manuel did a great exposition about it and we learnt that this anatomy lesson was make once a year to saw the muscles of tthe human being.

All of them explained a little of each project because they had to summerized to give the opportunity to the classmates to present their projects.The class was very interesting and we learnt a lot.

I don't remember anything more about the class if you think I can improve it with another information please tell me!!

P.S. Ángel if you want you can upload the videos about these presentations. See you on Monday!


daniel pintado said...

Paqui why I can't correct the space between the phrases??

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Dani,

Maybe it was a temporary problem. I had been able to correct it right now. I can´t see the pictures. Only a blank space where they are supposed to be. Maybe they are experiencing the same problems as Blackberry.

Here you have some corrections:

-You have to say "make a presentation" instead of "do a presentation".

- On the blackboard

- The Dutch, instead of the Netherlands

- Jesus Christ

There are other mistakes: i hope your clasmates correct them.

Put the names of the paintings or sculptures in Italic font.

You could also explain your project a little bit. Have a nice end of the weekend and try the challenge. This time it´s very easy.

Diego López-Casero said...

Hi Dani,
very good journal but one thing, in the pharagraph after manuel's project you have written: "we learnt a lot" and it's "we have learned a lot"

bye see you