Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday 27 TH of October


Today in Social Sciences Paqui has started giving us a talk about the responsibility that we have and the respect.Then we have said the day of the exam: 7th Monday;the people who did not pass on art project has to studied the whole unit and the people who have passed art project has to study the last unit and the points 1 to 4 of the new book of the unit 1.

We have started seeing a powerpoint of Spain in the 18th Century. Paqui has said that before the long wigs was fashion but with the time were shorter. You can can see that Philip V wear a long wig.

We have begun the point five about the war of Spanish succession and the Treaty of Utrecht, Laura M. has read the introduction of the war of Spanish succession (1700-1714) meanwhile we have seen the powerpoint about this. Then Daniel has continued with the explanation of the differents conflict that existed in Spain and Paqui has explained to us with a picture of the peninsula Iberica because we have had some doubts, and also Sara has read what is the Treaty of Utrecht:

  • Philip V was recognized king of the Hispanic Monarchy.

  • The European territories of the Hispanic Monarchy were distributed among Austria and Savoy.

  • Great Britain preserved Gibraltar and Minorca and they also got two important rights, which broke the Castilian monopoly in the Indies:

  • The assiento: they could sell black slaves in the Indies.

  • The ship of permission : once a year they could send a 500 tons ship with their products to be sold in the Indies.

Then Paqui has been explaining: Europe After the Treaty of Utrecht (1713) is an agreement to end the war. After paqui has made a summary of the Spanish War of sucession (1700 -1714)Finally Paqui has give us the exercise 19 and we haven´t finished the summary of the Spanish War of sucession.

A new word that we have learnt today is wig.

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Manuel Cruz Martínez said...

OK, I think that you don´t have any mistakes so very good work but I think you can esplain a little about the Spanish War of sucession.
But good work Bea!

Juan Carlos said...

Hello Bea, good journal! I have found this mistakes:
- Line 4th: the art project (erase "the")
- Line 12: powerpoinT.
You can also add the source of the image.

See you tomorrow, Juan Carlos

Laura Bustamante said...

Hi Bea! In the first line Instead of talk you can write: giving us a discurse...

In line four line instead of who passed is who have passed...

In the third paragraph in the last line you have repeated can.

This is all!
See you tomorrow!!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello students,

I have to correct Laura´s correction. You don´t say "discurse" in English. You can say "speech or talk", as Beatriz has written.

Another correction refers to the link you´ve included: the one you´ve included is about the 18th century wars in Spain. This one refers to the War of Spanish Succession:

We haven´t finished the scheme of the war. You have it for homework, together with exercise 19.

I´m going to let the grammar and spelling corrections for the rest of the students.

As Bea has said, we´ve reached 50,000 visits today. Any volunteers to write a celebration post?

Have a nice long weekend and don´t forget to study for the exam. The sooner you start, the better mark you will get ;)

Yolanda Rubio said...

Hello everybody!!!
Good journal Beatriz, it is really complex. Today Paqui has also explained to us things abut Charles V, that would be another like him.
Paqui I have a proposal, next day I want to find a new sit for me, because with Carmen I'm all the time speaking and this is not fine. Are you agree with me?


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Yolanda,

That´s a smart decision: I´ve been thinking about changing some people´s seats. It´s evident that if some people sit with their friends, they don´t take the maximum advantage of the lessons. I agree with you. I´ll think about other classmates for Carmen and you.

I ´ve talked about Charles V, because when Archduke Charles became the Austrian Emperor, the European powers that had supported him during the Succession War thought that if they won the war, they would have the same situation as in the 16th century with Charles V´s Universal Empire. That´s why they decided to sign an agreement after 13 years of war and many dead people. Sometimes wars are that way.

Try to do this week´s challenge. It includes a very curious question about another war.

Have a nice long weekend.

ana botieso said...

very good journalBeatriz! i think it´s very complete and i didn´t find any mistakes you have worked very hard to write it.

Laura Meco said...

Beatriz! Remember, the word people, is plural, so you have to write "people have.." and the word respeCt, there is a C missing.
You haven't explained many things about the War of Spaish succession. You could explain the conflict, because there were two candidates for the Spanish throne: Philip V and Archduke of Austria. Castile and France supported Philip V and Great Britain, Austria, The Low Countries, Portugal and Aragon supported the Archduke.
You can also explained what happened in the War of Almansa. You can also say that the Archduke became the Emperor of Austria and the consequences it had.
And there is also something important that happened in Catalonia! Don't forget it!

Laura Meco said...

Paqui, this weekend I'll try to do the Challenge. Now it's very late.
See you on Monday!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

OK Laura, but we´ll see each other on Wednesday ;)

Laura Meco said...

Jajajajja it's true I didn't remember!

Yolanda Abad said...

hello,Bea! You have done very good and complete journa. I don't found any more mistakes that they said.

Carmen said...

Very good work Bea ! You don't have any more mistakes.
Happy Halloween for everyone!