Monday, October 24, 2011

The Encyclopaedia and the Independence


Jean D'Alembert
Today in social sciences we have started the class with the beginning of the Encyclopaedia, they created it because they wanted to show more than translations. The first encyclopaedia had 35 volumes. Also the Chinnese had an encyclopaedia in the XV century. In this encyclopaedia they had ideas about ethics, the moral, things related without religion, scientific subjects... And we have it thanks to D'Alembert and Diderot, but some religious people wanted to forbid the Encyclopaedia beacause it contained moral subjects without containing religion. So they added it to the Index of Forbbiden Books.

After that, Yolanda Rubio correct the exercise 11.

And we have started again today with the Enlightened Despotism or, in Spanish: “Despotismo Ilustrado”. Paqui explained us in a scheme: Ideas of the Enlightenment influenced some european monarchs (Charles II, Frederic II of Prussia, Catherine II of Russia) now that they made many reforms: administrative reforms, economic reforms and educational reforms. The reforms were only considered necessary for their subjects. The Enlightened Despotim's Slogan was: "Evertything for the people, but without the people". Because they considered (the monarchs) the subjects didn't know nothing about this and they couldn't know it because if they realised of it, it could be many big problems. In spite of the monarchs did changes with the reform, they didn't change their absolute power or they didn't eliminate their privileges. Paqui has told us the monarchs didn't want to give to their subjects a better education because they could realise they were really unfair.

Paqui also explained us what is Prussia, and where it's situated; it's a territory between Germany and Poland, which was middle of Germany and middle of Poland; and she has drawn it the blackboard. She has had to repeat it many times.

Afterwards, we started a new point: The Independence of the 13 colonies of North America and the foundation of the U.S.A. Mariluz has started reading it. Then, Paqui has told us in the 17th century they talked about England and English, but in the 18th century they started talking about Great Britain and the British.

Reasons of North America to do the Independence:

-The North American colonists didn't have representatives in the British Parliament and they couldn't oppose the laws that damaged their interests.

-The British government constantly increased the taxes they had to pay for different products.

-The British government had the monopoly of trade with North America and the colonists couldn't buy or sell their products to other countries, except with Great Britain.

The concept of the Boston Tea Party: protest of the Boston colonists against the constant tax increase they suffered. They dressed as Indians and threw all the tea cargo of a ship of the East India Company away to the sea (1773). The British army strongly reppressed the revolt and discontent increased in the colonists.

Paqui has told us: “Now, in the news, sometimes they talk about the Tea Party” and about Sarah Palin: They compare their revolt and opposition against Obama's administration with the colonists against the British.Persons for the Republican party will participate in the election from 2012 against Obama.

Today the class was a little revoluzionited, Paqui was angry and she screamed many times: Silence!

But, anyway, today has been a good day.


Laura Bustamante said...

Very Good Sara it is so completed. I liked a lot. If you want you can tell that Paqui has been angry.

Bye see you tomorrow

ana botieso said...

but you have to write the image´s source

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Sara and company:

First of all, welcome to the blog, Sara. This is the first post Sara writes. The other students have more experience. So, help her improving her work or give her some useful advice.

As Ana has said, you have to include the source of the images and the images have to be in English: look for a map of the 13 colonies in English and change it. I would put the images of Diderot and D´Alembert above the text, not in the middle. It´s clearer. And you could write their names below, together with the source of the pictures.

I´ve seen several mistakes. Laura and Ana, you could find them and tell SAra to correct them. Saying "very good journal" is not very constructive. You have to collaborate in the improvement of your classmates´ posts. You can also add more things to the content. Sara has forgotten to write about something related to the Tea Party. I´ve explained something before this and I´ve connected this explanation with this radical movement in the USA nowadays.

My correction refers to what you´ve written about Enlightened Despotism. The last sentence is wrong: these monarchs made educational reforms. They wanted their subjects to be educated, but they didn´t realise that if they educated people, they couldn´t keep an unfair and unequal system for a long time. And that´s what happened. Absolutism didn´t last much longer.

Pay attention to the rest of the corrections. Good work.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

One last thing: write a title for your post: the date or the contents we have studied today. Bye.

Manuel Cruz Martínez said...

Hello Sara, very good journal, I think that you have to put one title as paqui said, but I like a lot your journal.

see you tomorrow

Laura Meco said...

Hi Sara! You can also explain that Paqui has explained us that some religious people wanted to forbid the Encyclopedia because it contained moral subjects without including religion. So they added it to the Index of Forbbiden Books. You can also say that Paqui has got angry with us, because anyone did the challenge, which was about it. And the two exercises that we have for homework and what they are about.
But very well done! Remember to write the verbs in the present perfect!

Isabel said...

Hi Sara! I think you have done a very good work with this journal, it is very complete and very specific. But I think we have copied more things about Prussia, I think you could add they.
See you tomorrow, kisses! :D

beatriz yuste said...

Very good journal Sara!!
I didn´t see a mistake

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Beatriz, you should read more carefully. There are still several mistakes nobody has corrected.

Isabel, are you serious about Prussia? The only thing I said is that the territories of former Prussia belong to Germany and Poland now. I repeated this several times, but I didn´t say much more. Only that its monarch Frederic II was one of the enlightened despots. You can read more about Prussia in the following post ;)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

By mistake I ´ve deleted a previous comment I had written answering Laura Meco´s comment. I´m including it again. This is what I´ve written this afternoon:

I scolded you because you speak a lot and you don´t respect the people who want to learn. And about the challenge as well. It takes a lot of time to prepare them and it´s an opportunity to build your own knowlegde, but the students don´t "dare to know".

Sara Gil Martín-Serrano said...

Thanks guys and Paqui! Thanks to everyone! I'll correct it when I could and I'll include everything you've said

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello again Sara,

I´ve edited your post and eliminated all the drafts you´ve created. The problem with the pictures was because you didn´t upload them to your computer previously. If you copy and paste them, you can´t move them to a different place.

There are some things you haven´t corrected:

- You have to include the pictures´ source (the website from which you´ve taken the pictures). Copy the http address of the pages from which you have taken the pictures and paste it below each of them. Observe your classmates´ posts and look how they have done it.

- Encyclopedia has to be written in capital letters.

- Centuries in English have to be written in Arabic numerals, not in Roman numerals.

- Proper nouns in capital letters: Social Sciences, European...

- You´ve written "in spite of the monarchs...". It´s better to say "Although the monarchs..."

- Review my previous comments: I corrected you something wrong about Enlightened Despotism and education and you haven´t corrected it.

- All the verbs that you use to explain what happened during the lesson have to be in the Present Perfect: "Afterwards, we´ve ..."

- Reasons of the colonists for independence.

- You´ve added the Boston Tea Party, but you should write something to introduce it. It sounds strange if you give the definition without explaining something more.

- You should explain who are these "Tea Party" people: which party they belong to and what their ideology is.

- And the last sentence: "The students have been a little (I would say "very") excited and talkative". It´s more accurate than revolutionized.

That´s all. Please, check all these corrections. See you tomorrow.