Thursday, October 6, 2011

6th, October, 2011

Today in Social Sciences we have started the class checking the exercises that Paqui give to us the last day, from 16 to 21 in page 117. But we only have checked the exercise 16, it was about demography economy and society in the 17th century. Paqui has put a power point about it but she has copied the answer in the blackboard too:

Demography: The population decline for this reasons: bad harvest, plagues, the expulsion of the moorish, wars, migration to the Indies.

Economy: In the 17th century there was economic recession.

Society: The nobles were the social model. They live of rents without working. Hand works were considered dishonest. Many people aspired to live without working. There were lots of beggards and rogues, who lived from begging and crime.

We haven't continued checking the next exercises becouse Alejandro has ask to Paqui about the theme of the strike, and we have been having a conversation about it. The most implicated on this conversation where Alejandro and Paqui, but we were listening to them oll the time, I think it is an interesting theme to speak about.

Paqui has get a bit angry with some people that were speaking all the time, but no with me, becouse now I'm getting a better behavior.

At final the bell has ring, and Paqui hasn't give us homework!!!! LOL

Sorry! I know the image is in Spanish, but I couldn't evit put it here! jaja



Ángel Aranda said...

Isa, you have write oll instead of all you could add all the things Paqui has tell because they are intresting.
I like the photo is really nice!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Isabel,

You have to include the source of the picture and I think you could find the same picture in English.

The debate between Alejendro and I was not about the strike. It has started with a Yolanda Rubio´s question about the economic recession and the present crisis. I think the "conversation" has been very interesting, because we have talked about some concepts of the previous year (the Social State) and we have connected them with new concepts, such as deregulation and we have also referred to the cuts in basic services and what is basic for the citizens). I think Ángel, Ana Isabel and you have contributed with some interesting comments as well. You could add something about this or your opinion about what we have been talking about.

I agree with you: this year you´re having a better behaviour, you´re more concentrated and you´re paying more attention.

Be careful with spelling. You´ve written very common words with spelling mistakes: "all" intead of "oll", "because" instead of "becouse"

And there are also some verbs you should correct, because you´ve written them in Spanglish! the verb "implicate" doesn´t exist. You have to say "involved" and the same with "evit". You have to say "avoid".

You could also add that you´ve written today´s journal, because you´ve volunteeered o do it, because Dani Pintado has complained about writing it tomorrow.

I hope you correct the mistakes and you add some more information about the lesson. Pay attention to your classmates´corrections as well. Have a good night.

Beatriz Antequera said...

Hi Isabel, good journal!
I've found some spelling mistakes:
- Paqui GAVE US the last day
- I think it's better to say : Paqui has shown us a PowerPoint.
- The population DECLINED for THESE reasons: Bad harvestS...
- They LIVED of rents, without working.
- Alejandro has ASKED Paqui...
- on this conversation WERE...
- we were listening them...
- interesting theme to DISCUSS or TO TALK ABOUT(I think they're better).
- Paqui has BEEN a bit angry...
- I think is better to say : FINALLY, the bell has RUNG and Paqui hasn't giveN us ANY homework.
I think that's all...
Have a good weekend!

Silvia said...

You can add that Paqui has speak also about the projects because next week we have to give them to her. The rest of the journal are very complete congratulation!
Enjoy the weekend!

Alejandro Torrillas said...

Hello Isa!
You are right we have had a conversation but it wasn't only about the theme of the strike but also about the principal problems of our economy, the fails of our government and we have also spoken about some possible solutions to the crisis:

The reasons for the strike were mainly the cuts in education not only because the teachers are less and there's no enough teachers to do guards and classes in which there are more than thirty students but also the cuts for scholar material and etc...

As I told in another comment the politics are stupid or the get incomes with things like which happened with Caixa Galicia (I think it was Caixa Galicia) and they have made cuts in education and sanity which we think that are untouchable sectors.

We debated about some possible solutions and I talk about social state in which the state took place in economy, and in theory Spain is a social state but in practise this is not true and this is the most problem because the Spanish state is rescuing banks and other entities which in better times the didn't want the participation of the state and now they're asking for help. But which is a shame is that the employers of those enterprises are dividing the money of this rescues between them.
One solution to the crisis that Paqui exposed was the solution to the Big Crash of the 20Th in which the government started to spent the money of the state in national enterprises to recovered economy. The citizens followed this way and the started to spent money in commerces selling things...
I think the new government has to do a real change in the Spanish politic.

Bye see you tomorrow.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Alejandro,

Be careful: "politics" is "política", "politicians" are "políticos"

The scandals with salaries and retirement pensions have took place in Novocaixa Galicia and CAM (Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo). As I told you, these economic compensations are perfectly legal and it would be almost impossible to recover this money. The same has happened in the USA, in the U.K and in other places where the governments have decided to invest money in saving banks instead of investing money in creating jobs or stimulating the economy. This was a choice, but they could have established some strict rules, such as using the money lent by the States to give credits to the enterprises, to smoothen the conditions of the morthages people can´t pay, to tax the financial transactions, to increase taxes to the people who are not contributing in the same way as workers do...

As we could see, the idea of Social State is disappearing or it´s losing ground. We have it written on the Constitution, but many administrations are using the economic crisis to cut the services the people have right to. As we also commented during the lesson, there are some things that should be untouchable, out of business, such as education, healthcare, the retirement pensions and the social services. Analyzing what the party that is going to win the elections has done in the autonomos communities where they rule, it´s diffiicult to expect big changes in this sense.

I also remember that you talked about voting in blank. This is one of the questions I´ve been thinking more about lately. People have to be committed and involved everyday in the issues that really matter. If we don´t vote or we do it, but later we forget about asking responsibilities to our representatives, they will have the temptation of acting by themselves. Being a citizen means making an active part of sciety. We have much to say and one of the ways of doing it is voting.

Anyway, we´ll study how difficult it was to get some rights. This way you will be able to see that it costed a lot of effort and if we want to keep them, we have to be ready to fight, pacifically, but being aware of this: important things are worth fighting for.

See you tomorrow.