Monday, October 10, 2011

MONDAY 10-10-11

Today in Social Sciences we have corrected the exercises that we had not corrected the other day.
After we have started to spoke about painting. We have spoken about Caravaggio that always had problems with people.
Then we have copied a scheme of the main features of paintings in that period.
We have seen some examples of paintings of this period. Many of these paintings are the paintings that we had to explained in the project. We have seen the Converss of Saint Paul on the way of Damascus, the Crucifixion of Saint Peter, Paqui has told us that between two painting there is a relationship because in the both paintings the saints are looking to the cross.We have also seen the Calling of Saint Mathew, Death of the Virgin, the Three Graces, the Duke of Lerma etc.
We have also seen 3 of the 90 Rembrant's self portraits.
Afterwards we have started to see the Baroque in Spain. We have seen architecture, sculpture and painting. The main characteristics in Spain were religious theme, realistic, dramatic image, the commissioners were the kings and the Church, oil on cavas was the main technique, contrasts of light and shadows. The main painters were Ribera, Jose Rubelta, Bartolome Esteban Murillo, Francisco Zurbaran, Diego de Silva and Velazquez. Some of the most important paintings in Spain were the chillfooted boy, Still life with pottery jars, The Hollly Family with a bird, The Drunks....
We have been surprised because Paqui has told us tha Philip IV raped a nun and to give perdon he commissioned to Velazquez the painting of Crist on the cross.
This has been today's class Paqui hasn't had given us anything to homework.


beatriz yuste said...

very good journal, Silvia!!
But you can add some new vocabulary:quarrelsome, foreshortened figure, chubfooted and to rape.
And also Paqui has explained us the most characteristics of some pictures.

Beatriz Antequera said...

Hi Silvia, very good journal!
I've found some mistakes on your post:
- that we HAD NOT corrected...
- that always HAD problems
- a scheme of THE main features
- some exampleS of paintings
- Many of THESE paintings
- that we HAD to explain...
- Paqui has TOLD us
- between two paintingS there is a relationSHIP
- Death of the Virgin (instead of virgin)
- The Three GraceS
- The main characteristicS in Spain WERE
- Paqui has told us thaT... rapeD(I think)
- This HAS BEEN TODAY'S CLASS and Paqui hasn't given us anything of homework.
I think that's all... And I think you can add that Paqui has explained that Velázquez was the most important Baroque artist in Spain and something about his life: he worked in Italy where he took ideas of Mithological elements...etc.
See you!

Ana de la Fuente said...

Hello everyone!
Very good journal, it's very complete.
I have seen two mistakes:
-24th line: oil ON cavas(I think...)
-25th line: the MAIN painters.
Also you can add, what were the exercises about.
The rest I think that is great!

Sara Gil Martín-Serrano said...

Yes, I also so that it doesn't write MANIN, so main.
And I've found other fail too:
tecnic, I think you should write:
But you have worked a lot ;)
good job!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Silvia,

There are some mistakes your classmates haven´t found. Here you have them:

- First sentence: the exercises we didn´t correct
- Second sentence: we have started to speak
- Caravaggio´s painting is "The conversion of Saint Paul on the way to Damascus". There is a relationship between both paintings.

- We have started to see Baroque in the Hispanic Kingdoms, not in Spain

- Religious themes, dramatic images

- Pay attention to the names of the painters: Ribalta, Bartolomé, Zurbarán, Velázquez (accents)

- Clubfooted boy

- To ask for forgiveness or pardon.

Put all the names of works of art in Italic font and add the source of the painting at the end of the text you´ve written.

And please, take your behaviour more seriously: You have to be more concentrated, not to speak and not to use the mobile phone during the lessons. The turkey has to stay at home.

See you.