Wednesday, October 19, 2011

19th of October, 2011

Today in Social Sciences, we have checked the crossword about the 17th Century: "Absolute Monarchy and Baroque". Paqui has read the definition and then, we have answered it. Alejandro has said that in the "eleven across" there was a mistake, but there wasn't because is in plural "intendants". Paqui has said that Carmen has to change the pyramid image of her journal. Paqui was a little angry with us, because all the class was speaking. During we were checking the crossword, Paqui has pronounced some words in French.

Ana Lucas and Silvia were talking almost all the class. Silvia has said that she like the cover of the new book because, is harder than the other book.

Afterwards, we have checked the exercise 3 on the page 11 and the answer is: "The population increase in the 18th century because, there were less wars, less big epidemics, new crops were introduced (corn and potato). And the population increase led to a bigger demand for all type of products."

Then, we have started the 3rd point (ENLIGHTENMENT) and Paqui has said that is her favourite point of this unit. Paqui has switched the computer on and she has shown a Power Point presentation about the crisis of the Ancien Regime and the bourbon in Spain. Then, she has explained a very interesting pyramid for Carmen.
Rebeca has read on page 5 and Paqui has written on the blackboard a scheme about the "process of secularization": The process started in the 15th century with HUMANISM, in the 16th century with REFORMATION, in the 17th century with SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION and in the 18th century with ENLIGHTENMENT.

Paqui has drawn a picture and Yolanda Rubio has said that is like a woman's bum. Afterwards, Juan Carlos has read some thinkers and scientist that can be precedents of Enlightenment:

- John Locke, was an English philosopher, he criticized absolutism and defended the division of powers.

-Isaac Newton, was an English scientist and he created the scientific method based on observing and checking facts.

Beatriz Yuste has read the main features of Enlightenment that were:
-Absolute faith in Reason.
-Rejection of everything that couldn't be explained through Reason.
-Optimism and trust in progress.
-Knowledge as the basis of happiness.
-Trust in education cosidered to be the best way to improve.
-Religious tolerance.
-Criticism of absolutism and the estates society.
-Elitist movement, resened to educated people.
They think that education can change the work. Paqui has said that the children have to go to school not work.
One of the most important philosopher is: IMMANUEL KANT: "Dare to know", is a challenge. It is important because you do things by yourself.

Paqui will decorate the class with interesting historical things. Then, she has explained the difference between doing things that by obligation that is more difficult for us and doing things because we want to know things and it is easier.

Afterwards, Paqui has given to us some exercises for tomorrow on the page 11 the exercises 4, 5 and 6.

Some new words that we have learned are: process of secularization (proceso de secularización), enlightened (ilustrado), guarantor (garante), trust (confianza), to trust (confiar) and "Dare to know" (Atrévete a saber).

The bell has rung and Paqui has said that this afternoon she will come to decorate the class with the people of 3rd of ESO.



Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Mari Luz,

I´m very proud of you. You´ve done a very detailed journal. A person who wouldn´t have come to the class could have a complete idea of what we have studied today. Congratulations!

There are some things you can improve:

It´s better to say:

- ... has pronounced some words in French.

-... has switched the computer on and she has shown a PowerPoint presentation...

- Locke was an English...

- Newton was...

-... will decorate the class with interesting historical quotes

We haven´t decorated the class this afternoon. We are still waiting for the staff´s permission. They don´t want that we get the walls "dirty". Sad.

There are some very small spelling mistakes. Maybe yor classmates will find them. If not, I´ll check them tonight. Now I have the parents´meeting.

Congratulations again!

Mªluz Ortiz S-Manjavacas said...

Hello Paqui! Thanks
Think you for your corrections too. I've changed it.
I think that it is a very complete journal too.
Bye bye see you tomorrow!

Rebeca García said...

Hello Mari Luz! Very good journal yo have said all the things that we have done today. I have seen some mistakes but I don´t know if they are ok:
3rd line: We have answered it.
4th line: there was a mistake, but there wasn´t.
6th line:angry and the class was speaking.
Rebeca has read on page...
24th line: Paqui has drawn
the bell rang.
That´s all. See you :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

I´m back.

Rebeca´s corrections are O.K, but the last one would be more correct if you write: the bell has rung.

As for the drawing, I wanted to draw a light bulb, because artists represent people thinking with a light bulb illuminating their minds, in the same way the enlightened philosophers thought that Reason illuminated the darkness of the world. But some "dirty minds" in the classroom have seen other things ;)

Mªluz Ortiz S-Manjavacas said...

I've checked the mistakes. Now it's ok.
Yes, there are a lot of dirty minds in the class jejjej but it's the age. :)
Bye bye See you on monday.

Cristina Blanco said...

Hello! I feel a little bit under the weather today so Paqui has told me that I would feel better after reading your entry and she was right. I feel soooo happy when I see what people like you have learnt over the last three years that nothing else matters. Thank you, Mari Luz.

Kelly said...

Hello Mari Luz,
Congrats on a fantastic journal! I obviously wasn't in class, but after reading your journal I have a clear and comprehensive idea of what you learned on Wednesday. You should be very proud of your hard work. I know I am.

I think this is an interesting topic and an turning point in history. These ideas changed the way people thought, which has a big influence on the way we think today and the way we organize our societies.

Mªluz Ortiz S-Manjavacas said...

Hello Cristina and Kelly!
Thanks. We miss you Kelly this year the class without you are different. And you Cristina you can come to the class some days like two years ago.
Bye bye see you! :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello again Mari Luz,

I totally agree with Cristina and Kelly. Nothing else matters when we see how much some students have progressed with their hard work and our little help.

And as I told you in the school, Enlightenment is one of my favourite historical periods. The ideas of the enlightened philosophers were revolutionary: they were aware of the importance of education as the best way of giving people the chance to improve their lives. People started considering themselves citizens, not subjects and there were some very challenging experiences related to knowledge. I love Kant´s quote and its meaning and I also love the Encyclopedia project. You could try to answers this week´s challenge. It´s very interesting and there are some curious aspects I´m sure you would like to learn.

Have a nice weekend.