Saturday, October 26, 2013

Work for next week

Hello everybody, 

As Cristina told you, I'm going to be absent for some days. You will have to work autonomously, preparing the schemes and summaries of the last part of the Modern Era. This is what you will have to do: 

- Check the synoptic chart you had for Friday with the information of the presentation Dani included on his journal. 

- Summarize the information about the decline of the Hispanic Monarchy (17th century) and write a scheme including Philip III, Philip IV and Charles II's reigns. After this , summarize the information about economy and society in the Hispanic Monarchy during the 17th century. You can check your work with the information included on the PowerPoint presentation Maribel included on her journal. 

- Make two schemes about the art of the Modern Era in the Hispanic Monarchy, one for Renaissance art and another one for Baroque art. As we did when we studied Renaissance and Baroque, your schemes will have to include the following sections: architecture, sculpture and painting and every of these sections will have to include main features, artists and works. When you finish your work, check it with the help of this presentation. 

Please, use the time of the lessons to work and check it at home with the presentations. Look up for the new words you find and add them to your glossaries. If you have any questions, you can use the blog or the e-mail to ask me, but be patient, because I don't know when I will be able to answer. 

The people in charge of writing the journal next week are Jesús Herencia (Monday) and Marina Jiménez- Zarza (Tuesday). Please, write what you do on these days: who the guardia teacher is, what part of the work you do during the time of the lesson, the information you learn, include all the new words you find and one or several pictures related to the content. 

I wish to come back soon. See you. 

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