Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday, 18th October

Hello classmates!!
Today we have started the class finishing the diagram of Charles I. Then Paqui has asked us some questions to review the theory that we saw on Tuesday, for example: What language spoke Charles I when he arrived de Iberian Peninsula? ; Where Charles I was born? With who came Charles I? ; What happen when he went to Germany to be elected emperor? And some more questions. With these questions we have revised the part of the diagram that we corrected on Tuesday. Paqui has taken advantage the whiteboard to explain us the diagram. For example the objectives and problems of Foreign Policy.
Then Paqui has done a draw in the blackboard to explain the Augsburg peace in 1555: this agreement theoretically consecrated  religious freedom in the Holy Roman Empire: every prince could choose the religion he preferred, but all the citizens of his prince (CUIUS REGIS, EIUS RELIGIO). This agreement meant the end of religion wars in the Empire, but intolerance continued.
After that Paqui has showed us some pictures of Charles I. 

She has started explained us Felipe II (1556-1598): political centralization increased with Felipe II. He didn’t call the Cortes and almost all the decisions were made by him. He was helped by a professional bureaucracy and by several councils (Council of War, Council of State, Council of the Indies…). Although Felipe II didn’t inherit the Holy Roman Empire, the territories under his rule were immense. He added Portugal and its colonies in Africa, Asia and America in 1580. The Philippines Island were also annexed to the Empire. It was the largest Empire ever known. But Felipe II considered the Peninsula as the centre of his monarchy. This is why his empire was called Hispanic Empire. He had some objectives like defense of Catholicism (he refused to give his subjects religious freedom and he forbade Protestantism in his kingdoms. This caused huge problems, especially in the Low Countries), preservation of his Empire (this led to several wars: wars against France, Revolt in the Low Countries, Confrontation with the Ottoman Turks and Conflict with England). There is a sentence that indentify him: THE SUN NEVER SET IN HIS EMPIRE.

After that we have spoken a lot and Paqui has got angry and she has put on the blackboard a diagram of Felipe II for complete at home. We have to complete with the territories he inherited and territories he added to his Empire, government and policy (objectives, defense of Catholicism and preservation of the Empire). Also we have to do the exercises 13 and 14 from the page 100.

Then the bell has rung and we have gone to de break team. 
Good weekend! See you on Monday!


alicia said...

Belen!! I think that you only have a mistake, to put the source of the pictures, I think that the other things are perfectly.

María Castiblanque said...

Belén the journal is good, but I think you have some mistakes.
-It's not diagram, is scheme.
-When did he arrive to the Iberian Peninsula?
-What language did Charles I speak?
-Where was Charles I born?
-Who came Charles I with?
-Reviewed instead of revised
-for complete isn't good, to complete.
-To the break time instead of "to de break team"
Your journal is not long, but it include all the things that we have done in class, so I think you should correct the mistakes, and It's good. Good work.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


Just a quick comment about the first picture: THIS IS NOT CHARLES I OF HABSBURG, BUT CHARLES I OF ENGLAND, the one we studied in the English revolutions (he was decapitated). This is a serious mistake, so please, change the picture and, as Alicia has told you, include the sources. There are many pictures of Charles I/ Charles V, several painted by Titian. Look for one and change it. I´ll be back tomorrow for the last corrections.

Maribel Lucerón said...

Hello Belén! Your journal are complete and perfectly, you have some mistakes but it haven't any importance:)
See you the next day!

Arturo Muñoz said...

Hi Belen! Congratulations your journal is very good, you have small mistakes but it haven't importance. See you tomorrow!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello everybody,

Reading your journal, I've noticed that we haven't corrected the exercises of page 100. I won't forget tomorrow.

María Castiblanque has corrected most of the mistakes you've made. So, correct them and give Cristina a surprise when she checks the journal.

You could add what I said about Charles I's retirement in Yuste. What did he order to build there?

As I said yesterday, you have to change the first picture: it's wrong. Look for one of Charles I's paintings Titian painted and change the picture, please.

That's all. See you!

Cristina Blanco said...

Hello Belén,
Well, as Paqui said, María (well done, María) has checked most of the mistakes, but, you haven’t given me a surprise….
These are my corrections…again:
- Be careful with questions:
What language spoke Charles I when he arrived de Iberian Peninsula? ; Where Charles I was born? With who came Charles I? ; What happen when he went to Germany to be elected emperor?

You forgot to do the inversion: You should say “What language did Charles I speak when he arrived? Where was he born? Who did he come with? What happened when he went to Germany to be elected emperor?
- VOCABULARY: Here you should say “Paqui has used” . “Take advantage of “doesn’t sound right.
- GRAMMAR: She has started explaining
- VOCABULARY Philippines IslandS
- GRAMMAR: There is a sentence that indentifiES/ED him
- GRAMMAR: a scheme of Felipe II TO complete at home
- VOCABULARY (What a way to finish…..) Then the bell has rung and we have gone to the break time.