Monday, October 28, 2013


Hi classmates!!!!

Today in the class of social sciences
Paqui hasn't come bacause of personal subjets.
We have been in the library.
First we are in the class of social sciences wating for a teacher until Mariangeles casado from the department of biology  & Ana Margarita from the department of English, has come to take us to the library.
Then another tacher, Angel Ramon take list & no one has absented, then we have have started to do what ever we wont. then the bell has run & we go to the next class, art

See you!!!!


Marina Jiménez-Zarza said...

Jesús, good journal but I have seen a mistake in the four line : waiting for a teacher.
In the seven line:teacher,not tacher.
In the last line: the bell has rung.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


Your journal is very short and lacks content. As I have said in class, you should have written what contents of the work I gave you learnt on that period. You have to write about the contents about art: the decline of the Hispanic Monarchy in the 17th century. Complete your post with a summary of this information and include some pictures about this content and also all the new words you learned from this part of the unit.

And these are the mistakes I have found:

- personal matters

- we have been in the class

- Capital letters: Social Sciences, Mª Ángeles Casado, Biology

- Mª Ángeles... and Ana Margarita have come

- ... <has taken attendance and (don't use symbols. Write the complete words)... no one was absent

- whatever we wanted
- ... we have gone

There are many mistakes you shouldn't make in 4th year, like not using the present perfect or writing the words as they sound and not as they have to be written. You are very careless with your work. You should pay more attention and show more interest.

I hope you improve this. See you!

Cristina Blanco said...

Hello Jesús:
Nothing to add to Paqui's comments. She has corrected all your mistakes. You should start doing better, Jesús, it's high time...