Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The different Mona Lisa versions

File:The Isleworth Mona Lisa.jpg

Sources: http://elpais.com/elpais/2012/02/02/inenglish/1328163642_850210.html

Here you have three different versions of Leonardo Da VInci's Mona Lisa: 

- The painting on the left is considered to be the original one and it's located in the Louvre Museum, in Paris (France).

- The work in the center belongs to El Prado Museum. It was stored in the basement of the museum and was discovered and restored in 2012. It is supposed to be a copy made by Salai, Leonardo's pupil, at the same time that Leonardo painted the Mona Lisa. On the following link you can read more about its discovery and restoration: 


On this video in Spanish you can see the restoration process of this painting: 

- The painting on the right is called Isleworth Mona Lisa. It was discoverd by a British art collector called Hugh Blaker, who bought it and brought it to his studio in Isleworth, London. There are a lot of doubts about its authenticity, but last year the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology said that this painting was made before the Louvre Mona Lisa. Here you have more information about this  painting: 

And this is another article which analyzes Mona Lisa' s similarities with Salai and the theory about the real model for this painting: 

And finally, here you have a link with a small biography of Leonardo Da Vinci that includes data about his sexuality: 


Which version you prefer?


Elena Fuentes said...

I prefer the painting of El Prado Museum, because there is more clarity in colours compared with the others.

Daniel Carmona said...

I agree with Elena, the colours of the second one are nicer than the others portraits.

Siria Martín-Albo Sánchez-Manjavacas said...

Hello class¡ When some students and me went to Paris, we saw the original painting of Mona Lisa in the Louvre Museum. The living room of this painting is a strongbox and the painting is protect by crystal. When we went to this living room there were a lot of people with their camera.
I agree with Elena but in my opinion the first painting is the most beatiful. See you tomorrow:)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


These are my corrections to Siria's comment:

- When some students and I

- The places in the museums where paintings are exhibited/ displayed are called rooms or halls. The Mona Lisa is displayed in a hall:

- the painting is protected with crystal

- ...the first painting is the most beatifulone

That's all. The El Prado Mona Lisa is also displayed in the central hall of the museum, but it's not protected.

That's all. See you tomorrow!

Ángela Carrasco said...

I like the painting of El Prado Museum but I prefer the painting of the Louvre Museum, in Paris (France), because I think it's more mysterious and I really like the cold colors.

Santy Barrios said...

I prefer the Mona Lisa that are in the Louvre Museum (France), but the Mona Lisa that are in the middle is also good.

Maribel Lucerón said...

Hello Classmates!
I disagree with Elena and Dani, because I like the original Mona Lisa and it's located in the Louvre Museum, in Paris (France). I agree with Siria about the trip a Paris with all the details of the room of the Mona Lisa, because I went to Paris with she and more classmates. The expirience was amazing, when we pass into the room and look a lot of people see the painting and the famous painting protected by two or three crystals, this was an experience for remember all the life. I love this painting and I prefer the original.
See you tomorrow!