Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday, 20th September 2013.

Hello everybody!
Today has been the second day of Social Sciences class and we have done several thinks. First Paqui has reminded us that we must have a Gmail account to write in the blog: those students who don't have one will have to create it as soon as possible.
Then, she has explained us how to use the blog: publish posts, comments, add imagenes (these must include the source), etc.
Next, we have copied the index of Unit 1: Modern Era (a continuation of the second year). It has three different points: 1)Culture and art in 15th-16th centuries. 2) The 17th century. 3)The Iberian Peninsula during the 16th-17th centuries.
Later, Paqui has shown us a Power-Point Presentation about the Renaissance art and we have started copying some notes, belonging to point 1: 
At the beginning of the Modern Era there was a revival of Antiquity and interest for the culture of Ancient Greece and Rome. This interest was evident in art. The new art style of this period was  Renaissance art, inspired on Antiquity. Renaissance art appeared in the Italian Peninsula in the 15th century and it spread to the rest of Europe. It was the predominant style in the 15th and 16th centuries. Two styles: Quattrocento (15th century): Main development in Italy and the main centre was Florence. The main patrons were the Medici family. Cinquecento (16th century): Extension to Europe. The main centre was Rome. The main patrons were the Popes.
Architects used simple and classical elements such as rounded arch, columns with the classical orders (Doric, Ionic and Corinthian), pilasters, pediments, tympanum, frieze, metope, tryglyphs, etc. 
We have also included some new words in our Glossary: to bother, to scold, knowledge, antiquity, revival, Renaissance art, patron, to sponsor, The Pope, to commission, commissioner, austere, etc.
At the end of the class, Paqui has shown us some sculptures: the sculptors showed interest in representing human beauty and proportioned bodies.They were inspired by Greek and Roman sculptures. They sculpted different types of sculptures: busts, equestrian sculptures, portraits, tombs...

David by Michelangelo.

She has shown us paintings too: the main subjects were religious or mythological and drawing predominated over colour. Painters discovered how to represent the third dimension (depth) into a two-dimensional space. This was perspective.

File:Sandro Botticelli - La nascita di Venere - Google Art Project - edited.jpg

Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli.

Finally, Paqui has given us for homework to do a scheme about Renaissance art. We must include chronology and stages, main features, architecture (features, artists and works), sculpture (features, artists and works) and painting (features, artists and works). Today's class has been noisy, we should pay more attention.  
Have a nice weekend !! 


Marina Jiménez-Zarza said...

Ángela you forgot to put the new words that today we have included in the glossary.For example:
-To bother: molestar.
-To scold: echar la bronca.
-Knowledge: conocimiento.
-Antiquity: Antigüedad.
-Revival: recuperación,Renacimiento.
-Renaissance art: arte renacentista.
-Patron: mecenas.
-To sponsor: patrocinar.
-The Pope: el Papa.
-To comission: encargar.
-Comissioner: el que encarga una obra de arte.
-Austere: austero.
-Pediment: frontón.
-Frieze: friso.

María Castiblanque said...

Congratulations Ángela! What a journal! Very complete and long.
Have a nice weekend, see you on Monday ;)

Ángela Carrasco said...

Thank you María!! Marina, I have included the new words in the glossary. Read the journal again. See you.

Elena Fuentes said...

Congratulations Ángela, your journal is brilliant!

See you.

alicia said...

Congratulations Ángela!! I think you have writen all!! Have a nice weekend :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello girls (boys continue to be missing here),

Your journal is very complete, Ángela. There are some small mistakes:

- images, instead of imagenes
- on our glossary.
- at the end of the lesson. The lesson is what we do, the class are the students and the classroom is the room.

One suggestion:

- Include the meaning of the new words for the glossary.

And finally, don't change the font: use the predetermined font. All the posts have to have the same style.

I agree with you. This group is very noisy and I'm going to change the distribution of the students in class. I'm not willing to stand last year's situation any more. If the students don't know how to behave like adults, I will treat them like children.

Have a nice Sunday!

Virginia said...

Hello girls!
Ángela, I am agree with Paqui, if you include the meaning of the words in the glossary it will be more interesting. Only this suggestion, your journal is excellent. Very good work. See you girls ;)

Maribel Lucerón said...

Hello class!Ángela, I think that your journal are very complet and interesting. The journal explain the class of today very good. I am agree with you and with Paqui about this group are very noisy. GOOD JOURNAL!See you tomorrow :)

Siria Martín-Albo Sánchez-Manjavacas said...
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Daniel Carmona said...

I think I'm the first boy that comment in the blog, so Hello Everybody.
Ángela, very nice work. Your journal is very good for be the second one.
I hope we will be a good class in this year.
See you tomorrow!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello again,

These are my corrections to what some of you have said:

- VIRGINIA AND MARIBEL: I AGREE/ I DON'T AGREE/ I DISAGREE. The verb is "to agree/disagree", not "to be agree/disagree". This is a very common mistake. I corrected it on the previous post's comments the other day. You make this mistake because you translate from Spanish

- MARIBEL: your journal is very complete and explains today's lesson very well... This group is very noisy

- SIRIA: you've included...some new vocabulary

- DANI: the first boy who comments/ to comment on this blog. Your journal is very good considering/ taking into account that it's the second one I hope we are going to be a good class this year (don't write "in" before)

See you tomorrow!

Maribel Lucerón said...

Hello class! Ángela, I think that your journal is very complete and interesting. The journal explains today's lesson very well. I agree with you and with Paqui about this group is very noisy. GOOD JOURNAL!See you tomorrow :)