Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A new school year

Come Back To School With Rubber And Pencil Scraps

Hello, students! 

This morning we´ve started the new school year. This is the fourth year of this blog and I hope that your work here will be as satisfying as it was last year. I've just sent you the invitations to join the blog. Accept 
them and join the blog as soon as possible.

Here you have a video tutorial I prepared about how to write posts and make comments:


As for the style of your posts, here you have some instructions:

- Don't change the font (size or style) and justify the text.

- Include a picture related to what we´ve done in class and don't forget to add its source.

- If you want, you can also create links to some key words.

Check the journals of the students of the past years to make an idea of what you have to do. And remember, the deadline to post your journal is 20:00. Comments can be made later or the following day.
This is a collective work, made up with the contributions of many people and it will only improve if you take this task seriously. Try to do your best, writing your journals in time and participate with your comments, suggestions and questions. 

At the moment the blog has reached  331,848 visits. Many people from different parts of the world have visited the blog in the past 3 years. Show them how much your English has improved and write good quality posts.

See you in class!

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