Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday, 27th September 2013

Hello classmates!
Today in Social Sciences we have learned a lot. First Paqui has explained the different Mona Lisa versions and some videos that she has put on the blog about that. Then she has remembered somethings of tuesday. Afterwards we have seen different paintings by Rafael (The school of athens).

This picture has a classical architecture with vault and barrel vault. We can distinguish 3D dimensions and other classical elements. The people of the picture are philosophores, scientists... And there were important persons like Leonardo, Plato, Aristotles, Michelangelo, Bramante representing Euclid etc.. All the people listened to the philosophers and scientists because there were persons interested in learning.

Also we have seen Perugnino one work by Perugino; The marriage of the Virgin.

And a lot of works by Rafael; The fire of the borgo, and The portrait of a young girl.

We saw some works by Michelangelo like Sistine Chapel.

The new Pope was elected there, in the Sistine Chapel. Not only the new Pope, but all the Popes are elected in the Sistine Chapel
Some details of Michelangelo works were distribution of the Sistine Chapel frescoes on the wall and the distribution of the sistine chapel frescoes on the ceiling.
Other works of this artist were:
The creation of Adam.

The last judgement.

Michelangelo painted naked mans, this was a scadalus because this picture would be in a religious building.

Later we saw the work Venus of Urbino, by Titian.

The portrait of emperor Charles V at the battle of Mülhberger Sistine.

After this we saw in the projector a virtual web of the sistine chapel very interesting and amusing, here you have the link of this page:

And saw different pictures of the sistine chapel that were in the blog. 
She has given the introduction of the point 2:
2. The 17th centuryy and socity
A. Demography, economy and society.
B. Politics: Absolute Monarchy and the English Revolutions.
C. Art and culture: The Scientific Revolution and Baroque.

For homework we have to summarize the point 1 that is in the page 101.
Like all days we have copied some words in the glossary
Comission: encargo
Vault: bóveda
Vanishing point: punto de fuga
Tribute: homenaje
Childish: infantil
Canvas: lienzo
Scaffold: andamio
Breeches painter: pintor de pañales
Sinner: pecador
Flayed skin: pellejo
Armor: armadura

And that's all for today!
See you soon :)


Daniel Carmona said...

Oooooooooh Bea, your journal is very nice and it explains perfectly all the class. It's very boom and I'm surprised with you!
I hope you will like my comment like I love your journal, because I assure you it's really nice.
Congratulations and happy weekend.
See you this afternoon!

Beatriz Galindo said...

HELLO DAAAAAAANI! Thanks for your congraculations, you´re a revolution!I´m very happy with you and with your works too.
See you soon Dani! Happy weekend :)

María Castiblanque said...

Oh Beeaaa a brilliant work! I can't add nothing because it's all the information of the today's class here. You have added all the details so congratulations! :)See you!

Luis Torrente said...

Hello! Bea you have done a fantastic work and you have explained very well all the things that Paqui has said in the class! I hope that your following journals keep the same way. I'm very surprised and very happy. I wish that Paqui and all the classmates have a good weekend. One kiss!! So

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


The students who made comments haven't found any mistake and there are many. Can anyone find them?

If no one does, I´ll correct the mistakes tomorrow. See you!

Beatriz Galindo said...

Paqui, I have 2 mistakes in the ortography because my computer it´s not good... The ortography mistakes are:
This picture has*

Beatriz Galindo said...

And a lot of thanks for María and Luis! You're amazing! see you soon classmates ;)

Beatriz Galindo said...

And Paqui, sorry but I don't found any photo of "The portrait of a young girl". I forget to say you in the before comment!

Ángela Carrasco said...

Congratulations Bea !! I have found one mistake: in the second line it's not them, it's then: Then, she remembered (...) Bea, you should include the source of your photos, the rest is really nice. Good work :) See you tomorrow.

Santy Barrios said...

Congratulations Bea!! That's a very good journal but the sources of the photos are not include in the journal.

Maribel Lucerón said...

Hello class, hello Bea!
I think that your journal are very good and you explain the class perfectly. I agree with Ángela about you forget include the sources of the photos, but the rest is very good. One thing in the comment of you write for Dani you wrote "congraculations" and is "congratulations", it's a small mistake. My congratulations Bea, I like your journal is perfect!
See you tomorrow!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


These are my corrections:

There are several problems with your post:

- The verb tense has to be the PRESENT PERFECT, because you are telling about the morning: has remembered, we have seen.... You have to pay attention to this

- Many spelling mistakes and many proper nouns incorrectly written.

These are the mistakes from the beginning:

- the different(s) Mona Lisa versions

- on the blog

- Then... some things we studied on Tuesday.

- Afterwards/ Later we have seen different paintings by Rafael (The School of Athens).

- This picture has a classical architecture with a barrel vault.

- Plato, Aristotle, Euclid

- listened to

- interested in learning.

- Also we have seen one work by Perugino, Rafael's master

- works by Rafael

- The fire of the Borgo, All the names of the art works have to be in Italic font (cursiva)

- works by Michelangelo

- the new Pope was elected there, in the Sistine Chapel. Not only the new POpe, but all the Popes are elected in the Sistine Chapel.

- Some details of Michelangelo's works ... What MIchelangelo painted was the ceiling of the vault and the Last Judgement on one of the walls of the Chapel. The images you've included belong to the Sistine Chapel: they are not other works by MIchelangelo. The CReation of Adam is painted on the vault and the Last Judgement on the wall

- naked figures, this was a scandal. I explained many things about this and no one has remembered it.

- "Next" is incorrect here. You have to write Afterwards/ Later

- by Titian

- The portrait of Emperor Charles V at the Battle of Mülhberg

- we have seen a virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel, very interesting and amusing

- And we have also seen different pictures of the Sistine chapel from/on the blog.

- The 17th century(y)

- De(r)mography,

- Bar(r)oque.

- the point 1 , which is on page 101.

- some words on the glossary

- Scaffold

- Bree(d)ches

- And that´s all for today

You have to pay more attention and read what you've written befor publising. As for the rest of the students, you also have to pay more attetion, because you haven0t been able to discover any of the mistakes and there were a lot. You have to read more carefully and be more critical and co-operative. I said a lot of things during the lesson that don't appear here. I gave many data about Michelangelo's work in the Sistine Chapel, for example.

Have a good night. See you tomorrow.

Guille Diaz said...

Bea, is a very complete journal. You include a lot of drawings, the words of the glossary...Congratulations!