Monday, September 30, 2013

Some maps to learn about international trade in the 17th century

Here you have some maps to study the evolution of trade during the Modern Era:

- This map includes the traditional trade routes controlled by Portugal and the Hispanic Monarchy (the spice route to Asia and the precious metals route to America) until the 17th century and also the triangular trade route. You can observe the main products exchanged in these routes: 

This is an interactive map about triangular that includes an oral explanation about the rise of cities as a consequence of trade. The map is focused in North America's trade. That's why it doesn't include the products exchanged between Europe and Africa. Click on the map to play the animation: 


And this one also includes an oral explanation that you can follow reading the text below. Click on the image and later Play : 

And finally, here you have a report about the slave trade. The route the slaves followed was called Middle Passage: 

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