Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wendsday 9th of May

Today was the last day to correct our project and upload it to slideshare, everyone can watch my project in the post below.

Today we are going to finish with the Power Point about the Russian Revolution.

We have reviewed a little bit, the USSR was a totalitarian state with only one party, most times the leader of the Communist party was the president of the USSR .

Now we continued with new things,  production was very low and Stalin decided to insured the new economic policy. Giving Land to peasants and factories to workers, economy recover very quickly with this new policy.

Later we have talk about digital withe board in the high school there are 7 new ones and 200 notebooks for 1st year ESO students. Next year there will be 15 teachers less and  the Junta spend the money in this?

7 Whiteboards          3000€ per one x 7                                21000€
200 notebooks          250€  per one x 200                            50000€           

                                                                                    3 teachers

And no money for photocopies. If our necessities were covered this would be hopeful.

After this news break we continued with the Power Point: the fight for the power between Trotsky and Stallin.
Stallin wants to spread comunism througt war and Trotsky throught  imitation and peace. So Stallin reach more spport than Trotsky and Trostky went to exile out of the USSR in 1924.
As Trotsky was exiled Stallin send a Spainish man to kill Trotsky, he was Ramón Mercader who killed Trotsky with a piolet, the thing wich climbers use.

Now Manu have askesd Paqui, how was the realtion between Stallin and Lenin, for Paqui this is a good question. Lenin didn´t like Stallin, beacause for him he was a dangerous criminal and at the same time he didn´t like Trotsky. In 1953 Stallin died and there were different presidents of the USSR:
  • Kuoshev
  • Brezhnev
  • Chernenko
  • Andropov
  • Corvachov
After the USSR broke up into different republics and the presidents of Russia were:
2010/08/08/ussr-education industry-science-welfare/  
  • Yeltsem
  • Putin
  • Plecktedev
  • Putin
And now the last point of the unit Stallinism
The goverment stablished the centre plan economy. So they planned economy for five years.

The goverment of the USSR also priority heavy industry.

If the factories didn´t reach the spectatives they have a big problem and this system is not wrong
So the owners of the factories change the numbers. If they produce more thwt is planned the sold the rest of the product in the black market.

In the last years of the USSR it was very difficult to find eggs, one egg 40€.Kelly told us something about that last year.                                                      

For Homework exercise 12 in the review

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Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Ángel.

There are a lot of spelling mistakes. I´m going to correct the ones about the USSR leaders. You have written them in a wrong way:


Presidents of the USSR

And here you have some content mistakes:

- the NEP was launched by Lenin, not by Stalin

- Stalin wanted to consolidate the revolution in the USSR first(socialism in one country) while TRotsky wanted to spread revolution to other countries (revolutionary internationalism). Stalin got more support because he was the secretary of the Communist Party hand he managed to get rid of the people who opposed him and control the party.

- Centrally planned economy

- The people in charge of the factories, not the owners. The owner was the State and farms and industries were property of the State after the forde collectivization ordered by Stalin

I´ve been checking some vocabulary and the correct way of saying piolet in English is ice-ax. I´m going to write something about this story. Please , correct all the spelling mistakes, starting from the title: WEDNESDAY.