Thursday, May 24, 2012

23rd May 2012

Hello!! Sorry for the delay but I was doing a music project during all the afternoon and evening!

Today in Social Sciences we have started checking exercice number 16 from the review about Spain in 1917...

16.- Prepare a scheme of the 1917 in Spain, including causes, development and consequences.

Spain during 1917

Causes: -Loss of purchasing power due to inflation and because salaries didn't increase.
             -Exclusion of the increasing opposotion of the political system.
Development: Triple movement of protests, but the protesters were not coordinated and theeir demands were different:
  • Military protest: protests due to the loss of purchasing power and promotion system (Promotions were faster by mentions in dispatches and this benefited the military destined in Morocco). The king supported the military and the government closed the Cortes.
  • Political protests: the deputies of the opposition partiescalled and alternative meeting to the Cortes and creates the Deputies' Assembly in Barcelona, but only 10% of the deputies went there. The government dissolved the assembly pacifically.
  • Workers protests: the workers fought to improve their working conditions and the unions called a general striker but the government repressed protests.
Consequences: Apparently the system survived, but instability increased (shorter dynastic governments, governments of national unity and increasing protests.


Afterwards we have started with a new point called Increasing protest (1918-1921), and we have copied a small scheme about the Bolshevik Treaties. It is divided into two parts:
  • Andalousia: labourers tried to seize land.
  • Catalonia.unions increased theis influence among workers and put pressure on industrialist who answered hiring gunmen to threat workers. Violent confrontments between radical anarchist and gunmen became usual in Barcelona. The government used the Army to restore public order.
Then we have copied about the Disaster of Annibal:
The final crisis of the Restoration system came again from a disaster in Morocco: Disaster of Annibal (1921)-> General Fernández Silvestre, with the king's permission planned a movement of troops in Morocco, which ended in catastrophe (12,000 dead). This disaster created a big scandal and a Parliament commision war, formed to determine the responsabilities. The conclusions ( Picasso report) pointed to the king. Partly to avoid the publication of the report in September 1923, generak Primo de Rivera rose up against thegovernment. The king supported the Coup d' Etat and united his fate to the duration of the dictatorship.

Today we have learnt some words:
-Labourer: jornalero
-Gunmen: pistolero
-To seize land: ocupar tierras


This is all for today! Good night!


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Dani, you´ve written "Disaster of Annibal" and it´s "Disaster of Annual".

Gunman: pistolero

Alejandro gave another word he knows for "pistolero": "gunslinger". Here you have the differences:

gunman: a professional killer who uses a gun. You can also use triggerman or gun for hire. These two words are more accurate for Barcelona´s context, because the owners of factories hired these men to threat workers.

pistoleer: someone who is armed with a pistol

gunslinger: a person noted for speed and skill in handling and shooting a gun especially in the American West

You have to plan your work better and not wait until the last moment to do the projects ;)

Mªluz Ortiz S-Manjavacas said...

Hello Dani!!
Very good journal,but I have seen a mistake at the end of the journal you put "generak" and I think is GENERAL.
And this is all. bye bye and see you on :)