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Today we have started a little bit late the class because Paqui has had to tell as many time to be quiet and seat.
Then we have started watching the part of the powerpoint about the Civil War in Russia. It confronted two factions:
-The White Army; formed by the Tsarist army, nobles and rich peasants.
-The Red Army, formed by the Bolsheviks supporters and organized by Trotsky

Leon Trotsky

In order to support the Red Army the Bolsheviks ordered the total requisition of food. All the production was destined to war; WAR COMMUNISM.
In order to survive the peasants were obliged to hide part of their production, because the commissars got all their production. But if they resisted or if the commissar discovered it, they were killed. During this war the Royal Family was also executed. Ordered by Lenin and planned by the Soviets the Tsar Nicholas II, his family and some of their most loyal servants were executed at the Ipatiev House in Ekaterimburg. It led to the legend about Anastasia which said that she could have escaped first to France and then to the USA. But it wasn't true.
The Tsar Nicholas II and his family
The Bolsheviks won the Civil war which caused 5 million dead people due to starvation and poverty and development of Black Market and a constant shortage of supplies in official markets.

After getting rid of the opposition parties the Bolsheviks created the USSR or Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, a federal state formed by the 11 republics and with his capital city in Moscow.

Flag of the USSR

It was a totalitarian state in which there was one only party, the CPSU, which concentrated all the power and occupied all the institutions, there wasn't a division of powers and there was a strong repression against those who opposed the Communist Party.
After some minutes some of our classmates started speaking about some pills Laura M. had to take due a problem she has, like a cyst in an ovary, but little by little the conversation has turned its  topic into contraceptives... 
Today we have learnt new words as:
-Commissar: Comisario
-Shortage of Supply: Escasez de abastecimiento
-Kulak: A rich peasant 
-Sickle: Hoz

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Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Alejandro,

Here you have my corrections:

- After Trotsky´s picture "in order to.."

- the legend about Anastasia... she could have escaped...

- tsar Nicholas II

-the Civil War caused...

- the USSR... with its capital city in...

You could add that we have seen the video made with Photopeach at the end of the lesson.

And here you have a link about the execution of the Romanov family and the DNA tests:

That´s all. Good work.