Thursday, May 10, 2012

10th/ May/ 2012.

Today at the beginning of the class Paqui has said the real translation of piolet in English, Ice-ax,   the Paqui has shown us a video on the blog about Trostky´s assesination, but as we haven´t had time to wacht it, we can watch it at home. Then we  have checked exercise 12 about how Stalin reached power, his objectives and the main features of his  rule, Silvia and Yolanda Rubio has done it.

A) Economic Policy: - Collectivization
                                 - Centraly planned Economy
                                 - Priority to heavy industriy
B) Elimination of Enemies: - NKVD (secret police)
                                                               - Killed
                                                               - Set to Gulags ( forced labour camps)
C) Totalitarian State: C. Party
D) Cult of Stalin´s personality.

Then we have been speaking about The secret police (KNVD) arrested more than 1.5 million people and 700.000 people were killed during the Stalinist purges in the 1930. Paqui has explained some things about  the Great Purge (1938): Stalin ordered the execution of many generals of the Red army. We have seen some photos of Stalin, but as Stalin was  fell from grace, he couldn´t appeared in photos and they were retouched with photoshop, as it have been very interesting Paqui has shown us a photo about  Hitler and Francos´interview.
At the end of the class we have decided the date of the exam. It will be the 17th of May, and we have seen Daniel´s Power Point about Art Nouveau.

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Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Ana,

There is a mistake about the content: Stalin didn´t disappear from the pictures: he ordered to eliminate all those who opposed him or fell from grace. They were both physically and historically eliminated, beacuse they didn´t appear in the official pictures of the Communist Party. You have to put the source of the picture you´ve chosen.

Remember that we´ve also seen some Franco and Hitler manipulated pictures. Photoshop didn´t exist yet, but they knew how to change pictures in a very professional way!

Please, read again what you´ve written and correct the spelling mistakes. Good night.