Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday 21st May 2012

Today in social sciences we have had to wait some minutes and to keep silence because four students of bachillerato were doing an exam. Then while they've finished it Paqui has given us back the exams about WW1, the Russian Revolution and Stalinism. Dani and Bea bet about if Bea would pass the exam. Bea got a six and Dani won the Bet. Then, one by one the Bachillerato students have finished the exam and we've started with Canaleja's Government. It was his 2nd attempt of regeneration of the system, by the Liberal Party. He imposed two main laws:
José Canalejas

-Padlock law: in which he prohibited the settlement of new religious orders in Spain for 2 years, in order to try to reduce the Church influence.
-Conscription law: to make conscription more equalitarian. All the young men had to do the military service( 3 years if they didn't pay any fee and a minimum of 5 months if they paid)
But Canalejas was killed by an anarchist in Madrid in 1912.

After the Assassination of Canalejas

Then Manu has checked exercise 15 about the consequences of the neutrality of Spain during WW1. Spain sold products to both faction at war, exports increased and deficit reduced, but prices increased, salaries didn't and protests increased. There was an industrial development and the purchasing power of the people decreased. After we've finished the lesson watching the part of the powerpoint about the 2nd Big crisis of 1917.
Today we've learnt new words as:
-Padlock Law: ley del Candado.
-Fee: cuota.
-Purchasing power: poder adquisitivo.
-Promotion system: Sistema de ascensos.
-By Mentions in dispatches: por méritos de Guerra.
-By lenght of Service: por antigüedad.

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Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Alejandro,

Well done, but there are several small spelling mistakes (mainly plurals). The only correction about the content is that the laws during Canalejas´rule were passed by the Cortes, not imposed by Canalejas.

You could also add the homework you have for Wednesday and what we´ve seen about the military protests in 1917.

That´s all. Check your mail. I´ve sent you some information in Spanish about aeroplane accidents and mysterious deaths at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.

Have a good night.