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Monday, 14th of May

Monday, 14 of May

Today in Social Science we have started the point 3, Paqui has copied it on the blackboard:

 Spain during the first decades of the 20th century: Alphonse XIII's reign (1902-1931).
- Features of the political system of Restoration:
                - alternation of two dynastic parties( conservative and liberal).
                - exclusion of the opposition parties.
                - Constitution of 1876.
                - The King had an arbitration role.
                - Manipulation of the electiones.
                - attemt of keeping the ARmy out of politics.
These features were in force during Alphonse XII's reign and Mª Cristina of Hasburg's regency. But some things started changing during Alphonse XIII's reign:

-Alphonse XIII didn't respect his arbitration role many times. He intervened in politics, especially in military affaris and his role was decisive in some changes of goverment.
-Attempt of the Army its prestige last in the 1998 Disaster. Their intervention in Morocco was the origin of several internal crises in Spain: The tragic week and the Disaster of Annual.
-Public opinion started growing, as a consequece of the industrializtion and urbanization processes and the establishment of compulsary primary education since 1902.
-Opposition increased and workers became more organized: a new union appeared in 1910 and the PSOE got a deputy in the elections for the first time in 1910.
-Some dynastic politicians became aware of the fact that the Restoration systme needed to be reformed. Drawing inspiration from the inside( from above) to avoid revolution from bellow :

    - Antonio Maura, from the Conservative Party
    - José CANALEJAS, from the Liberal Party

After copy that, Paqui has sent us a exercise and then she has put on the computer a song from ABBA but the letter was about the history of the Russians Revolutions.

Sorry I know I'm late..1kiss for everybody!!!

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