Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday, 16th May

Today in Social Sciences we have started the class late because there were people outside in the corridor, after this Paqui has told us to sit down and we have do it. After She has asked about the exam if we have any questions, but there weren´t questions so we have started the class. After this Paqui has said silence several times and allways the same people speaking, and it´s true if we paid more attention the classes will be better in my oppinion. Then we have talked about the photo of 4th of ESO and about why is it on friday. After Paqui has made a review of the period in Spain during the first world war and the russian revolutions, in this part Paqui has explained about Maura´s regeneration reforms and she has write the problems that his goverment had on the blackboard. Paqui has explained after this about the Tragic week and the reservies, people who passed the military order and had to expend some years in the reserve for more or less 15 years and they had to go to morroco inmediatly for the war.
After we have corrected the exercise 14 which was for homework all the class, which was about this and after Paqui shown us a powerpoint about the consecuences of the tragic week. Paqui has told us that this problems were not only in Spain and the protest against the church too, they killed some priests too.
After the tragic week, Paqui has said that Maura was dismised because he was considered to be responsible for what has happened in the tragic week. After this there was a electoral coalition industry and a new goverment was formed: a liberal goverment heded by Canalejas. After this Yolanda Rubio has said that she has a little big hips, bigger than her sister, and other girls said some things in this discusion as: Yolanda Abad, Carmen and more. To end the discussion Paqui has said that everyone is different and we have to accept our body. After this Paqui has send us the exercise 15 about this information. And at the end we have listen and sing one song about th russian revolution made by Paqui and the so famous Tanto Monta, Monta Tanto, which was a people request.
José Canalejas
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Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Manuel,

Remember that you have to include the source of the picture and write who this man was. You could include some links or look for another picture about the Tragic Week, because this has been the most important part of today´s class.

If your classmates don´t correct your mistakes tomorrow, I´ll do it. Check your post tomorrow.

Good night.