Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30th November

Today we have started the class corrected exercise 14. It was about why was Spanish foreign policy subordinated to the French interest during Charles IV’ reign.
We have been spoke that all Europe was against France except Spain because they have a common enemy.
We have also spoke about Godoy, Maria Luisa, Charles IV and Ferdinand.
Ferdinand proposed a Munity against Godoy when the king went to Aranjuez and the citizens were with Ferdinand and Godoy tried to hide under a bed. At the end Charles abdicated and his son started to reigning as Ferdinand. Charles IV regretted his decisions and sent a letter to Napoleon asking for his help to get the crown back. In May Napoleon called Charles and Ferdinand to Bayonne (France)
On the 2nd of May 1808 some people of Madrid observed that the members of the royal family were going out of the Royal Palace escorted by French soldiers. They thought that the royal family was being abducted by the French and a revolt against they started. The French troops strongly repressed the revolt by protests spread through and out all the country.
Francisco de Goya, the painter, witnessed the events in Madrid and reflected them on his painting the 2nd and the 3rd of May 1808.
The 2nd was the Spanish against the French people.
The 3rd was the revolutionary people was killed.
After that we have started to talk about the abdications of Bayonne ( 5th of May 1808): Meanwhile in Bayonne Napoleon obliged Ferdinand VII to give the crown of Spain back to his father Charles IV. He gave it to Napoleon and Napoleon gave the crown to his elder brother, Joseph, who became Joshep I.
We have copied a scheme about the Peninsular War (1808-1813)
1)1808:First Months: Initial disorganization, sieges and unexpected victory in Bailén.
2)END OF THE 1808 TO 1812: Almost total French control of the country and only resitants: Gurrilla
3)APRIL 1812 END OF 1813: Retirement of French Troops for the Compaign of Russia and Hispano-British offensive from Portugal.
At the end of the class we have spoken about el Valle de los Caidos. Because now some political people want to put away Franco’s cadaver.
Also we have spoken about the Peninsular War (1808-1814). Initial disorganization of the Spanish army, commanded by nobles and poorly prepared to fight against French. Unexpected victory in Bainlén. (19th of July 1808). The Spanish troops commanded by General Castaños defeated the French troops commanded by Dupout. The Spanish troops took advantages of their knowledge of the ground.
1.000.000 soldier occupied all Spain except Cádiz. Only Guerrilla fighters resisted the French. We have learnt new words like the different between kipnap and abduct kipnap is ask for a ranson and abduct is because you want without a ranson also to siege a city: sitiar una cuidad and ambush: emboscada.
For homework we have to do exercise 15 except the last concept


Mªluz Ortiz S-Manjavacas said...

Silvia! Very good journal, but you have forgotten the source of the picture and you have to write down the picture. I haven't seen any mistakes and it's very good work.
Bye bye see you tomorrow

Silvia said...

ok Mari Luz I'm going to write it down thank you!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Heelo Silvia and Mari Luz,

There are some spelling mistakes you could easily correct: his son started to reign as Ferdinand VII, Joseph I, guerrilla, Russian Campaign, Bailén, Dupont, ransom

You should put inverted commas in the new words we have known today, because it´s difficult to distinguish ones from the others. For example: the difference between "kidnap" and "abduct"

And there are some words you should correct:

- "retreat/withdrawal" of the French troops instead of "retirement"."Retirement" means "jubilación", not "retirada".

- Franco´s corpse/ remains, instead of "cadaver"

You could also write something about what your classmates have said about the Valle de los Caídos. It´s not the politicians who have made a decision about this: the government created a group of experts to study what to do with this tomb and yesterday this commission presented its conclusions.They agreed on recommending that Franco´s remains should be moved to a different place, because this memorial was built for the people who died during the war and he didn´t die at war, but 39 years later and this is an exception in the democratic countries: no country has a mausoleum to venerate a dictator. With this report, the government will have to make a decision.

See you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

hello I'm Dani! Silvia you can add the way Paqui have explained today the class with the representation between us.
I have found some mistakes:
*Today we have started the class corrected exercise 14.
-and is Today we have started the class correcting/checking exercise 14.
*You wrote Bainlén

And the source isn'y, you have to click in the image and copy the URL.

Carmen said...

Silvia, very good journal!
It's good work.
I have found some mistakes:
- They have a common enemy,
is they had a common enemy.
- On the 2nd of May 1808,
is on 2nd of May 1808.
See you, tomorrow.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Silvia, you should write a title for your post. Good night!

Diego López-Casero said...

Silvia very good journal but you can add that Paqui has explained this part of the unit using some partners of the class as the different important person.


Yolanda Rubio said...

hello everybody!
It is a really complex journal, and Paqui I have had a look to the news in Spanish about the Valley of the Fallen and it is interesting. I think it can be shown to the people but is a little powerful who go there because they agree with Franco.

Paqui I have gone to your classroom after the break time and what I have put in the blackboard has been erased. So, tomorrow I will put it again jajaja.


Ángel Aranda said...

Your classmates have corrected all your mistakes!

Very good journal!