Thursday, November 17, 2011

17th of november

Today in Social Sciences we have learnt a lot.

At first Paqui has asked for a volunteer to write the reflective journal here in the blog, and all the class has been saying my Paqui has thought in me and she has said: YOU HAVE TO WRITE DE JOURNAL...I have answered her because I couldn't write the journal today....

After this dramatic moment for me.... =( we have checked two exercices of the review:

5.-What important events took place in the summer of 1789? Why did the Ancien Régime disappear in France after these events?

-Storming of the Bastille(14th july 1789): popular attacked to the Bastille prison, symbol of absolutism.

-Great fear: in the countryside many peasants attacked castles and manois and they destroyed the property of the lands.

-4th August (1789): The National Constituent Assembly made 2 important decisions:

  • Declaration of the Rights of men and the citizen.

  • Abolition: seigmeurial rights and they were abolished.
The Ancien Régime ended, because estates disappeared, all the citizens had to pay taxes and peasants had to pay for working.

6.-What were the most important decisions of the National Constituent Assembly and the legislative Assembly?

  • National Constituent Assembly:
-Declaration of the rights of men and citizen
-Abolition: seigneurial rights and they were abolished.

  • Legislative Assembly:
-The Constitutional Monarchy
-The democratic Republic
-The Directory
-The Napoleonic era.

Afterwards, we have copied a scheme about the political factions in the assembly which included:

-Constitutional Monarchists: limited monarchy.

-Girondists: they wanted a free market economy and exporting the revolution. Representatives of a commercial bourgeoisie.

-Jacobins: they wanted a Republic, universal suffrage and more reforms. They were supported by the sans culottes.

Paqui has explained us a project of the french women in the revolution in which we have to explain our life in 1st person us if we were a woman.

We have read in the book and Paqui has explained as this with representations between us.We have learnt new words:

  • To pass a law: aprobar una ley

  • Flight: huída

  • To flee: huir

  • To brind back: devolver

  • Treason: traición

  • Traitor: traidor
Finally Paqui has gave as homework: exercice 9 from the review.
This is all we have done!

Sources of photographs:


daniel pintado said...

Paqui finally today has gave back us the portable computer I could write the journal...but I don't know why there is much space between lines...

daniel pintado said...

Now it's ok...I could change it!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Dani,

I´ve been looking for you after the class to tell you that if you needed a computer I could lend you my laptop or you could come to my home to write the journal, but I haven´t seen you. I´m happy that you have been able to solve the technical problems.

Remember that you have to include a picture on your post and its source. You can look for something related to the new concepts we´ve leant today.

There are some thing you should correct:

- Paqui has thought in me

- Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen, not decoration. They didn´t decorate anything ;)

- Abolition, not absolutism of feudalism . I´m going to start thinking that you have the same problem as Silvia with the exercises (copying from another person and not understanding what you copy)

-You have forgotten the Constitution of 1791. This was a very important document written by the National Constituent Assembly. Add it and also its content.

- What you have written about the Legislative Assembly is wrong. You´ve written the stages of the French Revolution, not the decisions they made. Check on your book, if you haven´t corrected (or done) the exercice. You could also add what you (a member of the clergy) thought about these decisions.

- In first person, as if we were women, not us a woman. You can add the deadline to do this project and what you won´t have to study if you pass the project.

There are some other spelling mistakes. I´ll let them for your classmates.

Please, correct all these things. Bye.

Beatriz Antequera said...

Hi Dani. Good journal! I've seen some mistakes:
- Social Sciences
- HAS asked
- reflecTive journal
- Why diD the Ancien..?
- popular attackED to the Bastille
- many-peasants, and-they, Régime-endED
- seigNeurial
- peasants HAD to pay...
- comMercial bourgeoisie
- to brinG back
- Paqui has given US homework
I think you can add something about the sans culottes: what it means and which people wore this fashionable.

Beatriz Antequera said...

Dani, you haven't corrected some mistakes..

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

I agree with Beatriz. You also have to put the sources of the pictures you´ve used. If you can´t do it below the pictures, write it at the end.