Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wednesday, 9th November

Today in social science we have started checking the exercises twenty and twenty one.
We have seen The Esquilache Riots, it was a revol in 1766.
it was to cut out colacks and hats to avoid criminals' umpunity. This decree was the excuse used by the privileged to instigate the people to revolt against Esquilache, thaking advantage of their discontent, due to the high prices of wheat.
Also we have been the absolute monarchy of Philip V and Ferdinand VI, it was created in the 18th centuy their main features were:
- Absolute monarchy
-Cortes with only consultive functions and they were barely caleed Cortes of Spain
-King helped bysecretaries, who formed the cabinat
-Consultive councils
-Castilian laws and institutions were extended to all the territory
-The territories were divided into provinces, ruled by Capitains generals.

And the last thin we have seen was the Enligtened Reformism.
Charles III was the king of Naples during 20 years.
-At first, Italian ministers. ESQUILANCE started the reforms: the privileged were afraid of the fact that these reforms threatened their privileged.
This finished with the Esquilache's dism sal.
At the end of the class, Paqui has given us the exams, I pass the exam but I don't have a good mark because I didn't study art! such us I have said why do I have to study art? If I am of science! jaj
kisses sorry because I am late!


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Yolanda, you have to correct many things here:

- First, include a picture related to the lesson and write its source.

- Order the contents of your journal, because you´ve written them on the other way around: you´ve started from the end. The Esquilache Riots was the last thing we studied yesterday.

- There are a lot of spelling mistakes: revolt, cloaks, impunity, taking... These are only some examples in the first 5 lines. I hope your classmates correct the rest of them.

You have to be more responsible for your work. Everybody has a lot to do and this is not an excuse for not doing your work on time and accurately.

And of course you have to study art. This is general culture and it has nothing to do about studying science. This time you´ve passed the exam, but maybe next time you won´t if you don´t do things we you have to.

Correct all this quickly.Bye.

Mªluz Ortiz S-Manjavacas said...

Hello Yolanda!
Good journal, but you have some mistakes like in the 17th line, you have put thin and is: THING, with a "G". And in the 19th line you have put ESQUILACE and it's missing a "H" between the "a" AND the "e".
And you can add that at the end of the class Paqui has said that the next day we are going to continue with the exercise 22 about the reforms of Charles III's reing.

Bye bye see you tomorrow =)