Monday, November 28, 2011

The Russian Campaign explained from a grave

In 1812, by Illarion Prianishnikov

Here you have some interesting links about the extreme suffering of the Napoleonic army in their retreat from Russia. The following articles explain the discovery of a mass grave in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2002 some bulldozers, removing the remains of an old housing development, discovered the tomb where more than 2,000 soldiers of the Grande Armée had been buried during their retreat from Russia. This immense grave has been excavated for some years and the archaeologists have found a lot of interesting data to determine the causes of death of the soldiers and many other aspects about the Napoleonic Army in Russia. 

The following links explain the discovery of the grave in 2002: 

And this one is in Spanish: 

And here you have a complete report with the conclusions of the study of the grave: 


Manuel Cruz Martínez said...

I like a lot this period of history but I think that Napoleon make a mistake in this attack, one of the few he has on his life but the information here are very interesting I recomend everyone to read it.

Yolanda Abad said...

hello!I'm agree Manuel, because I think the same about Napoleon, There were a lot of dead.
Yes it is very interesting read it.
I read but in spanish! jaja