Monday, November 14, 2011

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Today we have started the class checking exercise 1 from page 22, Daniel Pintado has done it. The exercise was about the causes of French Revolution.
- Economic crisis (bad harvest, increase of food prices)
- Constant wars and money waste.
- Discontent of the bourgeois
- Influence of the ideas of Enlightenmen.
Paqui has explained, that Maria Antoinette was called Madame Dèficit because she waste money in stupid things
After that we have contiuned with the unit Mariluz and Beatriz Antequera have read THE BEGINNING OF THE REVOLUTION:
Turgot, Nester, Calome, Brienne decided, privileged paid but all of them were dismissed. Louis XVI, advised by his finance ministers, started thinks about reforming tax system and eliminating privileges.
Call of the Estates General ( Parliament) 5th of May in 1789, the privileged met to discus the tax reform, and the book of grivances (cuaderno de quejas) were written to collect the demands of every Estate. They met by a traditional way:
- every estate met separately
- every estate had similar number of representatives
- every estate had a votte.
But the third Estate demanded double representation and voting per person, and the King gave double representation:
- Third Estate 578 deputies
- Clergy 291 deputies
- Nobles 270 deputies.
Discontent was boiling peasants nobles, clergy and bourgeois were discontent. The third Estate went on protesting and the king closed the Estates General.
TENIS COURT OATH (20th June 1789)
The representatives of the third Estate+ some nobles+ some members of the clergy
-declared themselves as the legitimate representatives of France
- created a National Assembly
- swore staying together until France had a constitution.
The king reluctantly accepted and ordered the nobles and clergy to join the third Estate and start writting a Constitution (National Constituent Assembly)
To explain that Paqui has divided the class into three parts: nobles, peasants, clergy and Paqui was the King. Also We have learnt new words:
-Swear (jurar)
- Oath ( juramento)
- Reluctantly (a regañadientes).
At the end of the class Paqui has given us for homework exercises 2,3,4 from page 22.


Mªluz Ortiz S-Manjavacas said...

Hello Anaa! Very good journal, but I have seen some mistakes:
-In the 9th line, it missing de point "."
-In the 10th line, it is continued not contiuned.
-In the 20th line, you have put votte and it is like this: vote.

Bye bye see you tomorrow!
I think this class was very interesting and today we have participated a lot.

Rebeca García said...

Hi!! Ana good journal , but you can check some things:
1st line: You can write lesson instead of class and Daniel has cheked it.
You can add like there were bad harvests the third estate only ate bread.
13th: started thinking.
You can say that today we have been really good and Paqui hasn´t became angry.
See you 

Diego López-Casero said...

hi Ana,
very good journal but you can also add and interesting word that we have learned today that is:
porridge that means "gachas"

That's all bye see you tomorrow

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Ana and company,

My first comment refers to the source of the pictures: it´s too long. If you have searched them with Google, you have to close the picture before copying the website address. Look for the pictures again and correct their web addresses. I would change the first picture, because today we haven´t spoken about violent events. You could look for a picture of the first meeting of the Estates- General or one of Louis XVI.

I also think that you should order some parts of your journal in a better way: discontent was boiling before the call of the Estates-General, not later. And you should write complete sentences, instead of writing them as we have written them on the scheme. It´s better.

You can add the demands every estate had (the peasants, the nobles, the clergy).

There is a mistake about the content: The people who met in the Estates General were not only the privileged, but the representatives of the three estates.

The expression I didn´remember this morning is "breeding ground" and it means "caldo de cultivo".

If you correct this and what your classmates have told you, your journal will be very good. Do it!