Wednesday, November 23, 2011

23rd November 2011

Napoleon's portrait
The guillotine was very famous

Today in Social Sciences at the beginning of the class Laura’s sister and his friend were talking with Paqui, and when we were all sitting in our places, some people have come late to the class because they were doing the computing exam and Laura’s sister and his friend have come also into the class. Paqui has said to them that they have to be in silence. 

After that we have check exercise ten on the book about the Age of Terror and about the Jacobins. Daniel has checked this exercise. Paqui has written the correct answer in the blackboard: this period was called the Age of Terror due to the Law of Suspects. In July 1794 some conservative deputies took control of the Convention, amonested the Jacobins leaders and executed them by guillotine.
Them, we have continued with the class. We have continued reading point C on the book about The Directory (1794-1799), the Directory was the new government that was established during 5 years. We have copied some notes about that. We were talking about the guillotine and about the death penalties in this period and Paqui has said that Laura’s sister was in favour of the death penalty. In this period they were very radical, they killed every one and the people went to see that! They had a different mentality.
A very curious thing we have talked has been the new calendar that was established in France after the Thermidorian Reaction. There were 12 month and every one with 30 days and the month was divided into three periods of ten days (not weeks) and the names were established following the type of weather in Paris during every month:

·         Vendémiaire September  Grape harvest
·         Brumaire  October  Fog
·         Frimaire  November  Frost
·         Nivôse December  Snowy
·         Pluviôse January  Rainy
·         Ventôse February Windy
·         Germinal March  Germination
·         Floréal April  Flower
·         Prairial May Pasture
·         Messidor June Harvest
·         Thermidor  July Summer heat
·         Fructidor August Fruit

The Directory had some problems from two sides; the counter-revolutionaries and the popular protests, and some internals problems also: huge inflation, corruption and less prestige to the Republic.

After that, we have talk about the beginning of the Napoleonic era. Paqui has made a small representation with us about the problems that had Napoleon to take the power and to do the “coup d’Etat”. Paqui has said to us a Napoleon’s quote because we have said to Paqui that Napoleon was very small: “The stature of the men should be not measure from feet to the head, but from the head to the sky”. That’s a good quote!

Today, we have not homework! That’s great thank you Paqui!

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Cu2 morrow


Laura Meco said...

Hi Enrique! I've found some mistakes.
Laura's sister and HER friend....
The estature of men SHOULDN'T BE MEASURED from feet...
Napoleon was very SHORT.
And I think you can explain a little bit more the representation we have done today: MariLuz and Dani were in favour of Napoleon and they have convinced us that he was a good person and he would improve the State. Silvia, Rebeca and AnaL. were the other three members of the government and they were against him.
We have learnt some new words as well: "By drawing lots" which means "por sorteo", "quote" which means "cita", "coup d'Ètat" which means "golpe de Estado" and "Corsican" which means "corso (de Córcega)".
And remember, for homework we have to finish the project about women's rights because it's for tomorrow. That's all I can add! See you!

Laura Meco said...

Ah, I forgot to tell you, it's very very funny the Napoleon's photo hahahahah, but a little bit unrealistic.
Don't forget to add the sources!

Manuel Cruz Martínez said...

Hello Enrique, I think that the napoleon photo is very funny buy I think that you have to put another photo becouse as Laura says is unrealistic but if you want to keep this photo is ok, and YOU HAVE TO ADD THE SOURCES!!. I think tat is very interesting the information about the months. Other thing is that if you want to put see you tomorrow, you have to put as this way Cu 2 morrow or as this other Cu 2morrow but very good journal and very interesting, I think that you don´t have any more mistakes, becouse Laura said all! Cu 2 morrow xd

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

The girls who have come to the class today are Elena and Gema and they are 2º Bachillerato students. They wanted to experience a History lesson in English. I hope they leave their comments here.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

I agree with Laura and Manuel about the picture: it may be funny, but it´s not historically accurate. Napoleon was a very important figure in history and he deserves a better treatment. You should look for another picture. This is a serious blog. You could look for a picture of the 18th Brumaire coup d´État or Napoleon as First Consul, when he became a member of the new government. I´m checking your project now. Check your mail in a few minutes.

Laura Meco said...

Hello everybody!
I am Elena, Laura's sister. Gema and I have enjoyed this lesson. Today, you have talked about Napoleon. Apparently, he was a very short person but, if we think in a true greatness, he was one of the greatest men in history!
To sum up, I would like to say it has been a new experience for Gema and me. We would have liked to have this opportunity of learning in English. When the lesson has finished, Gema and I have felt more prepared to do our listening exam tomorrow ;)
I think you all should be more attentive and quiet, because Paqui gives the best of herself to explain the lessons. She is very STRATEGIST and she has explained Napoleon's social conflict using a good example!! I hope you have enjoyed your lesson too. Good night!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Elena!

Finally you´ve got your own way! It has been great to have you in class today!

I agree with you: the students speak a lot and some of them don´t pay the necessary attention. I tell them the same everyday.

Thanks for your collaboration with the vocabulary. I wish I was as good strategist as Napoleon! I won´t forget this word!

You will always be welcome to our blog. Good night!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Enrique, something interesting you could add is the dilemma about defending positive ideas by using violence. We have also talked about this today. Alejandro has talked about Robespierre´s idea against death penalty and how he changed his mind when the situation became very complicated for the Revolution. He thought that if the enemies of the Republic used violence, the only way of eliminating this danger was using their same weapons. We have also discussed about the fact that we look at the Reign of Terror with our contemporary view of things: human rights, the opposition to death penalty... But we should make the effort of putting ourselves in the situations they lived. In this way, we should understand better some events. Understanding doesn´t mean sharing the same opinion, but it´s a more interesting and richer way of looking to the past.

Good night.