Thursday, November 3, 2011

3th of November

Today in Social Science we have been without Paqui,
 because she has been on a strike, with other teachers.
During the lesson we have done the last exercises
of unit 1 and the crossword.
The exercises were about the main features
of the Centralized Absolutism of Philip V and Ferdinand VI,
about the Esquilache Riots and the main reforms of Charles III´s reign.
And the crossword was about the 18th century (all the unit).

On Monday we will have the exam, and I think that it will be more difficult
because is about 2 units.
The first one is about the 17th century:

  17th CENTURY                       Demography, Society and Economy
 ABSOLUTE MONARCHY     - Politics in the 17th century                                   
 AND BAROQUE                      - The decline of the Hispanic Empire                              
                                                    - Art and culture in the 17th century                          

The second one is about the 18th century:

  18th CENTURY                    -The Ancien Régime  
THE CRISIS OF THE           - Changes in the 18th century                                                                                   
ANCIENT REGIME AND   - Englishment
 THE BOURBONS IN          - The Independence of the 13 colonies 
           SPAIN                            of North America and Fundation                                                                                                  
                                                   of the USA               

      Sorry for writing the journal so late, but I have had some problems with the computer.  
      See you tomorrow, 


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Andrea,

You´ve made a mistake with a very important word: Enlightenment.

You´ve also forgotten that the exam includes the War of Spanish Succession as well.

About the source of the pictures, when you locate the picture you want to use with Google, you have to close it first and then copy the website address. If you don´t do it this way, the address is too long.


Ángel Aranda said...

Hello andrea this is a relly short journal you can a add the problems of education in CLM that have called for this strike.

Paqui has corrected all your mistakes!

see you soon