Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday 1-April-2011

Today in social science we have arrived a little bit late because we have been talking with Ana Margarita about the trip to Ireland and we have also spent much time until we have started the class, because many people were talking, others were standing up...Today we have been watching the power point Paqui use to explain this unit and we have also changed the word competences for powers, because there were some mistakes in the book about that.
In this powerpoint we have also learned about all the presidents of the Spanish autonomous communities, we didn't know many of them, but I think is normal that we only know the presidents of the principal autonomous communities as Arthur Mass of Catalonia, Patxi López of the Basque Country, Alberto Núñez Feijoo of Galicia... I think is also important to know about the different presidents of other

autonomous communities, they also take part in the government of Spain.
Today we have had a new debate, this time about Gibraltar, Ceuta and Melilla.
In my opinion Ceuta and Melilla can be use as centres to control immigration but at the moment this is almost impossible, however Morocco demands its authority.
On the other hand is very difficult that Gibraltar becomes a part of Spain, because as Paqui has said this is a tax haven and surely it is also used by Spanish corrupted employers, which are hurting the Spanish economy.

We have also known about the decentralization of Spain, in which there are different level of organization:
Government or central administration; autonomous communities or regional administration; provinces or provincial administration and municipalities or local administration.
We have also talk about a law in which, if the government of a town can't give a service, because it's very expensive... but it is necessary, the autonomous government has to give this service to that town. But if the town can get it by itself the government is not obliged to take part in that service.
At the end of the class Paqui has given us the exercises from 15 to 22 and she has used some minutes more to write the correction of the schemes about POLITICAL ORGANIZATION OF SPAIN.


Alejandro Torrillas said...

I don't know if its right to use by itself to talk about a town.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Alejandro,

Yes, you can say "by itself"to refer to an institution or organization.

Well done and on time. I like this :)

These are my corrections:

- Time is uncountable in English, so you have to use "much" instead of "many".

- It´s better to say "watch a presentation" instead of "see"

- It´s better to say "learned" instead of "known"

- The second name of the president of Galicia is Feijoo

- I think you wanted to write "take part in the government" instead of "take place".

- About the debate, it´s better that you write "we have had a new debate or another debate about..."

- About Morocco and Ceuta and Melilla, I have made a mistake this morning: instead of "reclaim" the proper word is "claim" or "demand". The demands of Morocco are related to its sovereignity over Ceuta and Melilla, better than authority.

With respect to Gibraltar, it´s a tax haven (like heaven for the defrauders, but remember that haven is a synonym of port). They have money there not only from the Spanish defrauders, but from all the world. Here you have a link about Gibraltar´s role in fiscal fraud:

I have also read that they are trying to change the status of tax haven and become more "presentable", but the secrecy persists:

You can also add the name of the principle that orients the distribution of tasks among the different levels of the administration.

And if you remind your mates the homework, it would be perfect. Good work!