Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday 11/04/2011

Today in Social Sciences, we have done the class in the computer room in the new building. When we have arrived, Paqui has given us two sheets with information about how to do a glog.

A glog is a type of poster that can be done with many designs. We will use this to do our projects about the international organizations. Here I put the steps to do a glog:
1. Go to
2. Click on log in and write your nickname and your password.

3. Click on create new glog.

4. On the left side of the page you will find a menu with different options to create your glog like: graphics, text, image, video, sound, data, draw and wall.

We have to include in the glog the year of fundation of our international organization, its logo, a short history of the organization, its members, purposes and the problems of the organization. The deadline of the project is on Monday, 25th of April. Paqui has put in the blog a tutorial about who to use a glog.

Here you have some examples of glogs:

Sorry for the delay, but I can't write it before.

See you tomorrow, Juan Carlos


Paqui PĂ©rez Fons said...

Hello Juan Carlos,

There are some mistakes you should correct:

- a sheet is singular. If you want to ay more than one, you should write "some" sheets or their number.

- Intenational organization is neuter. So you have to write "ts" instead of "his".

- You have made a speling mistake on "deadline".

I have made a mistake with the deadline date of the project: it will be Monday, the 25th April.

- And finally, "putted" doesn´t exist in English. You can write "put" or "include" or "upload".

On time this time, although a little late ;)

Juan Carlos said...

I check the mistakes, thank you for correct it.

See you tomorrow, Juan Carlos

Alejandro Torrillas said...

good juancarlos, did you see the scorpion javi and I put in the glog when we were gossiping, it was very funny XD
bye see you tomorrow