Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday 15/4/11

Today in Social Sciences we have been in the althia room, I have arrived the first and Paqui has told me to look for Meco and give her the key of the class.
Later I have come back with other students. Some minutes later, Silvia has entered to the althia shouting because she can´t go to the bandas. Some students have gone and Paqui was very angry with them.
Then I have started making a scheme about the FAO (food and agriculture organization). First I have included a description of the FAO and later I had included the history of the FAO and then some actions it takes part on developing countries. Later Juan Carlos has gone to the teacher computer and has started playing with the “class perfect”: taking the control of the computers. It was very funny because he could move our mouse.
At the end of the class some computers have had an error with the blue screen and some people have loosened what they had done.


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Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Ángel,

There are some mistakes on what you´ve written: Althia with capital letters, because it´s a proper noun, and the same with the Food and Agriculture Organization and Class Perfect (programme)

Remember that yohave to use the Present Perfect (you have written a tense in the Past Perfect. And finally "some people have lost what they had done", not loosened. "To loosen" means "soltar, aflojar".

Have a good holiday time.