Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today in Social Sciences Paqui has said that the glogs are incomplete, except 9 blogs and the others blogs are not corrected. We have started with the new unit and the first unit of the history: "THE 15 TH CENTURY IN THE IBERIAN PENINSULA: THE CATHOLIC MONARCHY"
The first thing that we have done is the introduction of modern history, then we have continued with the index that is composed by 6 parts:
-How did the Catholic Monarchs became king and queen?
-Territories they conquered
-Reforms they made: Authoritarian Monarchy
-Economy and society in the Iberian Peninsula in the 15th
-Foreing policy and succession of the Catholic Monarch
In the introduction we have learnt that in the 15th century in the Iberian Peninsula there was 5 kingdons and were goverment for the catholic monarchy.

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Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Beatriz,

Pay attention to my corrections, because yoy have made some mistakes related to contents that you have to correct:

- The project consisted in creating a glog, not a blog. A glog is an interactive poster created with Glogster EDU programme. You have to change this.

- In the 15th century there were 5 kingdoms: 4 were Catholic kingdoms and there was also a Muslim kingdom (the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada). They were not ruled by the Catholic Monarchs. We haven´t talked about them today. We have seen what the situation in the 15th century was like.

Now the grammar and spelling corrections:

- Proper nouns in capital letters: Social Sciences, Modern Age...
- The verbs in Present Perfect.
- Kingdom ends in m.

Remember that we have decided on the date of the exam and that you have to correct your glogs if you want to study only half of the unit.

Check all this and don´t forget to check your glog as well.