Sunday, April 3, 2011

How much do public servants earn in Spain?

Here you have some data about the salaries the people who hold the most important posts in Spain receive for their services: 

- The Royal family receives 8.43 million € in 2011. According to the Constitution, they don´t have to explain their expenses.

- The President of the Government earns 6,515.42 € per month (78,185 € per year). The Vicepresidents earn 6,123.86 € per month and the Ministers 5,748.49 € (68,981 € annually).

- The President of the Congress earns 11,934.9 € monhtly and a normal deputy, without any specific responsibility, earns 2,813.87 € per month. But they also receive subsistence and travelling allowances if they are representatives of provinces outside Madrid and they receive complements if they belong to panels as well.

 - As for the President of the Senate, his salary is 10,352.12 € per month. Senators receive a basic salary of 2,813.91 €, but they also get similar subsistence and travelling allowances as the deputies and they receive different complements, depending on the panels they belong to.

- The Spanish deputies in the European Parliament earn 6,200.72 monthly and they receive travelling and subsistence allowances in addition.

- Here you have the salaries of the Presidents of the Autonomous Communities and the mayors of the largest cities:

- And the last links refer to the salaries the judges receive in Spain:

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