Friday, November 29, 2013

29th of November of 2013

Hi everybody!
Today Paqui has started the class saying when we have to give her the notebooks. Then we have remembered the things we did last day and we have checked the scheme we had for homework. We have started with Voltaire and wth his phrase "I don't agree you, but I will defend you right express your opinion in any circunstance".


After we have told about Montesquieu: he defended the division of powers (lesgilative, ejecutive and judicial). 


We have talk about the importance of the division of powers for people. We have finished with the Swiss philosopher Rosseau who defended the institutions that protected the people's rights to hadn't a caothic situation the State Government. 
Jean Jacques Rosseau

He also defended the Social contract and the General Will, that was a will that also defended that people had all the powers. Afterwords we have seen the economic thinking that comprends the phisiocracy. The physiocrats considered agriculture was th main economic activity. The Enlightened Depotism people like Catherine II of Russia,, Frderic II of Prussia or Charles III who introduced reforms in their kingdoms with a paternalist attitude.
When we have finished with this point we have started the new point of the unit, The Independence of the 13 states of North America and the creation of the USA. Then Paqui has said tat it is a typical question for the history exam. 

The Independence of the Thirteen colonies of USA

We have done a table with the following points: previous system, causes development and consequences, to know better this part of the history. We have to complete it for the next Monday. At the end of the class Paqui has done a map with different territories in this moment.

The words we have added to the glossary are:
-Freedom of speech: libertad de expresión 
-To avoid: evitar, impedir
-To cede: ceder
-Social Contract: Contraro Social 
-Hypothetical agreement: hipotético supuesto pacto
-Committment: compromiso
-In jail/ prison: en la cárcel 
-Physiocracy: fisiocracia 
-Free trade: libertad de comercio 
-Paternalist: paternalismo
-Depotism Enlightened: Despotismo Ilustrado
-To aware for: Ser consciente de

 See you as earliest as possible!


Maribel Lucerón said...

Hello Luis!
Your journal is very complete but I have looked some mistakes! In the first paragraph you have had one mistake, you have written "wth" and is "with" and in the four paragraph in the last line you have written "tat" and is "that". But these mistakes haven't got any importance! Congratulatios Luis! kisses :)

jesus herencia said...

Hi Luis!!
A really good journal, it's so complete but I have found some mistakes, the first one is in the second paragraph you have put lesgilative instead of legislative
and in the fourth paragraph you dont have wrote the past perfect in the verb talk (talked).
But I enjoy it
See you soon!!!

Cristina Blanco said...

Hello Luis:
Apart from the mistakes your classmates have pointed out, I have seen these errors:
Then we have remembered the things we did the previous day
"I don't agree with you, but I will defend your right to express your opinion in any circumstances ".
Afer we have spoken about Montesquieu
protected the people's rights not to have a chaotic situation: the State Government.
He also defended the Social contract and the General Will, which was a

Afterwards we have seen the economic thinking that comprends¿¿¿???I don’t understand what you want to say with this word

Please, no article in the time expression We have to complete it for next Monday

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


These are my comments:

- Your journal lacks content. You should explain more about the ideas of some enlightened philosophers, like Voltaire.

- Voltaire's exact quote is this one: "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it".

- ... executive

- We have talked about the importance

-...we have studied the economic thinking that includes phisiocracy.

- agriculture was the main economic activity.

- You have mixed physiocracy with Enlightened Despotism. Separate the contents into different paragraphs and explain physiocracy a little more.

- Spelling: Enlightened DEspotism, Frederic II, that .

- What kind of reforms did the enlightened despots introduce in their kingdoms? You haven't included the sentence that perfectly defines Enlightened DEspotism and its meaning.

- I said that the structure of the question about the independence of the 13 colonies follows the typical structure of many events in history: Causes, development and consequences

- We didn't do a table, but a scheme

- Previous situation

- has drawn a map

- Enlightened Despotism

- To be aware of

That's all. See you!