Monday, February 4, 2013

MONDAY 4th February 2013

Monday 4th February 2013

Today was: The day of the exam!!!

Today we have gone to the class during the break time, because of the exam, to have more time to do it. Some people have gone at the beginning of the break time but other people has gone after.
The exam was about the French Revolution and Restoration wasn't so much difficult. It consisted on five questions:
-The first question: was about match important characters of the French Revolution such as Charles IV, Ferdinand VII, Robespierre, Godoy, Duke of Wellington, Louis Philip I, Louis XVI, etc, with information about them. This question worthed one point. It was the easiest question.

-The second question: was about the beginning of the French Revolution and its causes and the events that took place in the summer of 1789. The French Revolution started when Louis XVI had to called Estates General and the Third Estate protests for the way of voting, the causes were the economic crisis, financial crisis, discontent of the Bourgeoisie, etc, and the events ware the storming of Bastile and the Great Fear. This question worthed 2 points.

-The third question: consisted on choose two questions between four questions. The questions were:

  1. About the Jacobins Convention.
  2. About Napoleonic Era.
  3. About the official and rebel government during Peninsular War
  4. About the Congress of Vienna.

This question worthed 3 points.

-The fourth question: was about choosing 5 concepts between 10, but you have to choose at least 2 of each column. The concepts were:
  • SANS CULOTTES                                              - TREATY OF FONTAINEBLEU
  • GIRONDISTS                                                    - MUTINY OF ARANJUEZ
  • CONTINENTAL BLOCKADE                              - ABDICATIONS OF BAYONNE
  • RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN                                        - FRANCOPHILES
  • BUFFER STATE                                                 - GUERRILLA
This question worthed 2 points.

-And the last question: was about the main ideas of Liberalism and Nationalism and give an example of each one. This question worthed 2 points.
During the exam Javi has entered to the class with an injury in his hand and he couldn't write so he is going to do the exam by oral way.
At the end Paqui has collected all the exams.

That's all and good luck for your exam's marks and see you on Wednesday!!!


Roxana said...

Hello! Maybe you can include the answer to all the questions, but in any case I like your journal. I have not found any mistake.
I like a lot the first photo you have included. :)

maria said...

Hi Ángel !!

I agree with Roxana, you can add the answer to all the questions, but in anyway I think your journal is good. I haven't found any mistakes.

I think the exam was so long, but im my opinion, it wasn't difficult if you have studied.

See you, good luck for your exam's marks.

Laura Bustamante said...


I agree with the girls, you can include the answer of the questions. But in my opinion in anyway the post is good an almost complete. I think that you also can include your opinion about the exam, but I think it is the same as that of all our clasmates, it has been a very long exam.

See you!! :) Good Luck

Marta Gómez said...


I agree with my classmates you can include the answer of the questions, but you can also include the problemns with the sheets, Paqui said that we have to use less paper because we are on crisis. And like the rest of the class I also think that the exam was very long. Paqui please do it shorter for the benefit of our hands.

Good luck!

Monica said...

Hello everybody!
I like the journal, the photo is very funny.
And in me opinion the exam was easy, bat I´ll fail

Miguel Bustamante said...

I think it's a good journal, maybe you could say your opinion about your exam. I think the exam haven't been difficult, even though easy.
Monica, BUT instead of bat jeje.
Paqui, you are going to kill us!! Today I have slept 3 hours -.-

werselio escribano ortega said...

I think the journal is complete and funny due to the pictures.
For me the exam has been a little difficult and also very large.
Paqui the next time we have to go to bed in the school.

Raquel Ortiz Escribano said...

Hello people!
I think it's a good journal but I think it's better if you write in present perfect. Some mistakes I have found are:
-...The exam was about the French Revolution and Restoration IT wasn't so much difficult...
-...The events WERE the storming of BASTILLE...
-...The first question: was about MATCHING...
-The third question: consisted on CHOOSING two questions between four questions.
(I'm not sure of these corrections) I think you can write topics instead of questions...
-Javi has come...

That's all ! Good luck, see you :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello everybody,

I´ve read your opinions about the exam and you know what my answer is: you exaggerate. If you prepare the exams with time, you won´t have to sleep so little the day before and you don´t need to write so much. The problem is that you´re not trained and that´s why you think exams are so long.

Now the corrections:

Raquel´s corrections are OK, except for a preposition in her correction about the third question: it consisted of choosing. You have to correct the preposition everytime you use the verb "consist": it consisted of....

- ... other people have arrived later
-... this question was worth
-... Loius XVI had to call... and the Third Estateprotested
- Bastille
- Jacobin
-... but you had to choose
- the exam orally

You could add your opinion about the questions: the most difficult ones for you, what mark you expected to have...

The results haven´t been bad, but the people who didn´t study much or did it in a bad way have failed or have got low marks.

That´s all. See you on Friday!