Friday, February 15, 2013

15th February

Hello everyone!!!
At first as we hadn’t got class since one week ago Paqui has remained us  what we have studied before the holidays such us the transport revolution or the first industrial revolution.
Then Paqui has asked  Raquel to correct the exercise four of the book which was about the principles of the economic liberalism or free market economy. After Raquel has read her exercise, Paqui has explained all about the economic liberalism.
After that Juan has asked Paqui about who was the person who have to make the journal today and I have answered “me” and Gema has said silence please but she has said that in Spanish.
Then Paqui has written  the development of capitalism and also on the blackboard. Many students have asked Paqui what the should  copy the contents of the blackboard or the slide of the Powerpoint presentation.

After that Miguel has said Paqui that the ethics teacher said that the rich people work more because they wanted to get more money and Paqui has said him that it depends because Bill Gates is a very rich person and they don’t work anything.
Then Paqui has said something about an Italian bank and bankia but I couldn’t listen it because I was copying the slide of the power point and some people were talking about Urdangarin.
Then Paqui has written the development of the banks and also Paqui has given  the exercise seven of the page 31 for homework. It is about the main inventions and the energy sources that led the Second industrial revolution and the new industries that developed in this period.

Also as all the days that we have social sciences class we have copied some words in the glossary but today we have copy a lot of words such as:

·        Economic liberalismàliberalismo económico
·        Budget àpresupuesto
·        Vehicleàvehiculo
·        Toad transportàtransporte terrestre
·        Wealth of nationsà riqueza de las naciones
·        Free market economyàeconomia de libre mercado
·        Law of supply and demandàley de la oferta y la demanda
·        Means of productionà medios de producciones
·        To provideàsuministrar
·        Shareàaccion bursatil
·        Interest rateàtasa de interes
·        Ethicsàetica
·        Investmentàinversion
·        To enlargeàexpandir, ampliar
·        Inverteràinversor
·        To investàinvertir
·       money lenderàprestamista
·        Lend moneyàpedir dinero
·        Lend a creditàpedir un préstamo
·        Stockholderàaccionista
Public limited companyà sociedad anónima


gema ortiz de la guia said...

Hi Werse!
Your journal is very good but I have found some mistakes:

-also. Many students --> also many students.

-Paqui has given for homework --> Paqui has given us for homework.

-but today we have copy --> but today we have copied.

Have a nice weekend! :)

Enrique Perez Casero said...

hello Werse!!
I think your journal it´s very short.
You have to put all that Paqui had put on the blackboard and all said in the exercise, but your glossary it´s very complete. Sorry jaja
bye bye

Monica said...

Very good journal Werse!
Is very good and easy to underestand.
I don´t found any mistake. But the last word of the glossary didn´t have the same size.
Good work,
see you.

Enrique Manzanares said...

I've found another mistake: I has answer instead of I have answer.
Enrique, you have a mistake: your journal it's instead of your journal is and your glossary it's instead of your glossary is. All in all, good work.

Enrique Manzanares said...

I've done one mistake, you have a mistake instead of you have two mistakes!

Roxana said...

Hello! You have to be careful with the accents in Spanish!

Roxana said...

Lend does not meant "prestar"?

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


I´m very busy these days and I´m not as fast as I should be with the journals´corrections. Ask Mr.Wert and Mr. Marín.

These are the mistakes nobody has found:

- First of all, you have to write a title for your journal inside the box called TITLE.

- ... since one week ago,... has reminded us what we studied before the holidays
-... has asked Raquel to correct exercise ...

- You have to be very careful with punctuation: everytime you write a relative sentence, you have to write comma at the beginning. For example: exercise 4, which was... And the same happens when you write "After that". You have to write a comma after: After that ,, silence,please, but...

- Ihave answered
- Word order: hen Paqui has written the development of capitalism on the blackboard

- what they should copy: the contents of the blackboard or the ones of the slide of the PowerPoint presentation.

- "Ethics" in capital letters. I think Miguel didn´t say this:Miguel said that the rich people always want to be even richer and that´s why they continue to try to be richer. I said that this is not always this way, because there are rich people, such as Bill Gates, who are rich enough and now they dedicate their time to do other things, but I didn´t say that Bill Gates is not doing anything. In fact, he is in charge of a foundation which fights against malaria and dedicates his time to it.

- The Italian bank is Monte dei Paschi, one of the oldest banks in the world and the oldest one in Italy. We talked about this because I remimded you that banks developed in the Middle Ages and Monte dei Paschi bank has been recently in the news, because they have made bad investments and now they have a big hole in their accounts. It´s a similar case to Bankia, Caja Castilla-La Mancha, CAM and other Spanish banks.
- ... development of the banks
- Word order again: Paqui has given the exercise seven of page 31 for homework
- capital letters: Second industrial revolution and the same with Social Sciences
- ... we have copied... on the glossary.... words , such as

- accents in Spanish: vehículo economía, interés, Ética, inversión ...
- Means of production is medios de producción
- Lend means prestar dinero
and you´ve forgotten "loan", which means "crédito, préstamo".

That´s all. You have to be more careful with some grammar aspects:
- puntuation
- verb tenses
- word order.

Good night! Tomorrow more, but not better, because it´s impossible ;)

werselio escribano ortega said...

For me all can be better!!! Do you undertand it?