Wednesday, February 20, 2013

La Fageda: a sustainable and socially responsible business

Today we have talked about the consequences of the industrial revolutions and some of the problems appeared derived from producing with the only purpose of making profits. But there are also companies which show that economic profitability, respect to the environment, sustainable growth and social responsibility are not opposite concepts and can coexist. La Fageda is one of these companies. Mentally disabled workers  produce high quality organic yoghourts and other products, like jams. If you want to learn more about La Fageda, here you have a recent documentary called Una fábrica con sentido. It was broadcasted on La 2 three weeks ago: 

This is the link to a shorter report,  broadcasted in 2009: 

Here you have some information in English, published in the Harvard Business Review: 

And this is a PowerPoint presentation La Fageda prepared in English, explaining what they do: 

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