Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Scientific Socialism or Marxism

Hello classmates!!
Today we have started the class very tired because it was the first class of the day. Paqui has started seen the journals of Juan and Mónica and she has said that the Juan´s journal is very incomplete and has a lot of mistakes. Then Paqui has told to us the different parties in that time like the GOP (Grand Old Party in the USA). Paqui has put Monica´s journal and she said that the photo of Paris Hilton was wrong because she has to put Warren Buffett (The richest man in USA).

We have started with a new point: The Scientific socialism of Marxism.
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles were two men that studied the capitalism and wanted to change the rules. The main ideas were:
-Class struggle and proletarian revolution.
-Proletariat impoverishment.
-Trust in industrial workers only.
-Surplus value.
Marx was the theorical man and Engel was the practical because he had to work in his industry. After that, Paqui has explained the Class struggle between the bourgeois and the workers. Then she has shown to us a scheme about the Proletarian Revolution and someone has asked her that what was written in the libs of that scheme.

Paqui said that the actual goverment gave some rights to the people to keep silence them, this is why the communism has disappeared in most of Europe except in France, Germany and Spain.
After the Organization of workers, we´ve discussed about the date of the exam by voting but Paqui became angry with us because we were speaking so high in all at the same time. When the bell rangs, Paqui said the day of the exam (18-02-2013).


Suitable-  Adecuado
GOP-  Grand old party
Biased-  Partidista
Reward-  Recompensa
Class struggle-  Lucha de clases
To foresee-  Predecir
Impoverishment-  Empobrecimiento
Alienation-  Alienación
Surplus value-  Plusvalía
Common goal-  Fin común
To run a business-  Dirigir un negocio
Welfare State-  Estados del bienestar
To own-  Poseer

Bye Bye people and study for PE´s exam!!


Marta Gómez said...

Hello Enrique!
I like your journal but I think is a little short and you can improve it. First you can say that the one of the pictures on Monica's journal was wrong and the reason because she has to put the photo of Warren Buffet is because of his ideoligies about the inheritors. Another mistake is that the family of Engel wasn't poor but he has to work because he was the owner of a industry. That's all, have a good day studying P.E.
Bye, bye.

Paloma Gómez de la Cueva said...

Hi Enrique!
Your journal is good, and a little short!
I've found two mistakes..
- The Scientific socialism OR Marxism.
- Communisn--> Communism

Ángel-Manuel Abad said...

Hi Enrique, your journal is good and complete but a little short. I haven't found many mistakes but I have found the two same mistakes than the other two classmates: communism and scientific socialism or marxism and that Engels wasn't poor.
That's all, see you tmorrow .
Bye Enrique

maria said...

Hi Enrique, your journal is good but I agree with Marta, you can include something else. I haven't found any new mistakes !!

That's all, have a nice afternoon studying P.E. Bye bye :))

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


There are some content mistakes on your journal:

- I´ve said that there were 3 non suitable pictures on Mónica´s journal. The first two pictures were not good, because they were biased. They belonged to extreme right websites in the USA and they were not historically accurate. That´s why I´ve spoken about the GOP. In the first of those pictures, the used Good Old Capitalism, relating this with the acronym of the Republican Party in the USA, also called the Grand Old Party. And they told lies about socialism and communism. But this didn´t refer to the 19th century and wasn´t related to the unit. I´ve explained it because Mónica has included these images.

- I haven´t said to Mónica that she had to include a picture of Warren Buffet. I´ve explained her that I only mentioned Paris Hilton as an example of a rich person who has inherited a lot of money and doesn´t work much, but I talked more about Warren Buffet´s idea of inheritance, which was very similar to the ones the Count of Saint Simon had about inheritance.

- I haven´t said that the current (not actual. "Actual" means "real") government gave some rights to people to keep them silent. I think you haven´t understood my explanation. I´ve said that the fear for the extension of the Russian Revolution in 1917 (where the revolutionary followed Marx´s ideas)and the workers´fight made the governments of many capitalist countries give many rights to workers and this led to the creation of the Welfare States in Western Europe. And I´ve also said that, since the fall of Berlin Wall and the disintegration of the USSR, communist parties have gone through big crises and they have disappeared in many places. But ideologies don´t disappear.

As Mónica has changed her pictures and she has included Warren Buffet´s photograph, you should change your first picture for a different one.

The mistakes tomorrow. Good night!

Roxana said...

Hello! I think that you can improve your journal, because it is very short. You can include more information about class struggle or talk about the proletarian revolution and the organization of workers and the creation of new parties. You can also said that Engles had to help Marx economically.
These are the mistakes I have found:
- has started seeing.
- has told us
- has shown Monica's journal.
- Paqui has become angry.
- the bell has rung.

Alicia Díaz said...
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Alicia Díaz said...

Hello Enrique !
Your journal is good but a little short for me.
I have found a mistake:
the bell rangs--> the bell rang
It is in the past, you don't have tu put the "s" of the third person ! REMEMBET THIS !!

See you :)