Wednesday, February 20, 2013

20th February 2013


At first, I wanna say two things, one is that both times I've written the journal have been on wednesday, and the other thing that Fernando (we call him fish) was late. Then Paqui was complaining because her computer didn't start working at time. 
Today, we have learnt the consequences of the Industrial Revolution:

-Positive consequences: More people could have access to cheaper products, slow improvements of the living and working conditions of workers (due to workers' organization)

-Negative consequences: 
  • Pollution
  • Mass production led to consumerism: people not only consume what they need, but new necessities are created as well. Some producers work according planned obsolence, to sell more products.
  • Unsustainable development: balance between people, environment and resources broke up.
  • Acceleration of urbanization process: cities were not ready to receive big amounts of people.
  • Cyclical crises: main consequence- unemployment.

Class-based society:
-High burgeoisie
-Middle burgeoisie
-Petty burgeoisie
-Proletariat/workers (obliged to work to survive).

And now, other things that happened in class:
Some people didn't know who Emilio Botín:

Emilio Botín is the richest person in Spain.

Paqui said that we are materialist. Then Paqui asked us to say a sustainable company. Javi said Endesa and Paqui laughed. Paqui said that she watched on TV (Salvados) that one sustainable company is a yoghourt factory: La Fageda.

Carlos Rivas said that cow's farts are polluting. Paqui laughed but said but it is true.
Paqui remembered us that fired is not the same as burn, Fernando Marcos thought that Godoy was burnt.
Also Pilar complained about the work, she said that is impossible to do it because we can't meet everyday to do the work.
Paqui asked us if someone has told us something about next year's bilingual programme, because she doesn't know how it will be.

And finally, today's GLOSSARY:
  • Shanty: chabola
  • In the long term: a largo plazo
  • Consumerism: consumismo
  • Planned obsolence: obsolescencia programada
  • On purpose: a propósito
  • Disposable: desechable
  • Sustainable: sostenible
  • Profits: beneficios
  • Awful: horrible
  • Business cycle: ciclo económico
  • Compensation: indemnización.
I hope you like this journal, and I think I don't forget anything. BYE!!


Carmen Utrilla said...

Hello Enrique! I think your journal is very good but I also think that is a little short. You can add more photos about the bourgeosie. You can also add that Paqui has said to do the summary of the bourgeoisie. I don't find many mistakes:
-Didn't know who: didn't know who is Emilio...
Good work. Bye!

werselio escribano ortega said...


Paloma Gómez de la Cueva said...

Hi Enrique!
I think that your journal is good, short, but complete!!
In the Glossary, I want to add one word:
- Proletariat --> proletariado.
And one more thing.. Emilio Botín is the President of Santander Bank and his decisions has turned to the bank in the leader of the Spanish outlook banking.

Gonzalo Martinez said...

Hi Enrique!
Your journal is good, but I think you have to use the present perfect:
Paqui said-Paqui has said.
Paqui asked us-Paqui has asked us.
Javi said Endesa-Javi has said Endesa.
Paqui laughed-Paqui has laughed.
And more verbs.

Monica said...

Hello Enrique!
I am agree with your classmates!
Good journal, but it´s a little short. jaja
Good work,
see you.

Roxana said...

Hello! I like your journal; you have explained all we have done today. These are the mistakes I have found:
- Wednesday in capital letters
- thing is that Fernado... has been late.
- obsolescence
- but she has said that it is true.
I have not found more mistakes.

You can add what the planned obsolescence is and I think that you should write in a less schematic way: what Paqui writes on the blackboard is a scheme and I think you should develop it, as well as the class based society.

elena escribano said...

I am agree with all the mistakes that my classmates have already said. I think that it's a very good journal! good work Enrique Manzanares :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello everybody,

Just two suggestions (tomorrow I´ll correct the mistakes):

- you should add a picture related to the contents of the lesson: the consequences of the Industrial Revolutions or the new class-based society

- If you want to enlarge your jourbal, you could add something about the contents of Monday´s lesson, because Juan didn´t write his journal and there is a gap in the information about what we did that day.

Good night.

Laura Casero Mínguez said...

Hello Enrique! I have seen your journal very late because I couldn't connect before! Well, my classmates have saided you all the mistakes so I only can said that good work! I like the photo about Emilio Botín who Paloma doesn't know! jajajajja

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hi again,

Paloma, Gonzalo and Roxana´s corrections are all OK.

These are the mistakes nobody has found:

-... didn´t start working on time
- didn´t know who Emilio Botín is. The verb has to be at the end in indirect interrogative sentences.
- Emilio Botín is not the richest person in Spain. Amancio Ortega, the owner of Inditex (ZAra´s shops)is the richest one. Botín is the 12th one. Here you have the list of the richest people in Spain, according to Forbes Magazine. It also includes their fortune and the position they have in the world ranking:

This is the list of the world´s billionaires:

We talked about Emilio Botín as an example of banker or member of the high bourgeoisie at present.

- ..."fired" is not the same as burnt

Your grammar is almost correct, but I think you could develop the content of the lesson a little more.

See you!