Monday, February 25, 2013

18th February journal (delayed)

This is Juan Iniesta´s journal. He should have written it one week ago, but according to his version, his computer broke up and he couldn´t do it. That´s why I´m copying literally the text he has sent me. 

The last Monday in social sciences most of us have arrived late and Paqui has became angry.

After that we have learned that the Second Industrial Revolution starts in the second half of the nineteenth century then appeared the publish limited companies, there were a lot of innovations :new invents, new ways of organization… .

In this revolution some of the most important invents were:

                         DYNAMO                                            TRANSFORMER


INCANDESCENT BULB                                            IMPROVEMENTS IN TRANPOT

The most developed industries were the metalwork industry and chemical industry .the way of organiced the work change too( mass production and taylorism)  the best example of mass production was in the ford’s car factory which take the prices of their cars cheaper and change the conception of a car. There are too ssome changes in Industrial concentration(vertical and horizontal).

Ford’s factory

With all these innovations the industries made more products which are cheaper .in the other hand the working conditions were awlull ,they stated exploting natural resources  as they are ilimitted ,they contributed to the increasing of pollution (the balance between population and resources broke up).

There was a massive emigration from the country side to the cities (acceleration of urbanization process).                                                                                                                                                                                     

Glossary of the day:

Shares _ acciones en bolsa

 Profitable _ rentable

Discredit _ desprestigiar

Concrete_ hormigón

Producction line _ cadena de montaje

Mass production_ producción en serie

Paymeant in installments_ pagar a plazos

Oil_ petroleo

Stack exchanges market _bolsa

Stack holder_accionista


maria said...

Hi people !!

The mistakes that I have found are:
-The last Monday-->without "the"
-most of us have arrived--> the mayority of us
- .....Revolution starts--> revolution started
-two instead of too
-which are cheaper-->which were cheaper
-After writing a full stop you have to write in capital letters.

Your journal isn't bad but it's a little short.

Roxana said...

Hello! These are the mistakes I have found:
- Social Sciences, in capital letters.
- You have to write in past simple, not in present continuous.
- century. Then, publish limited companies appeared. Word order!
- Inventions not invents
- Transport.
- organizing work
- There were some changes ...too.
- awful
- they started
- countryside.
- production
- payment
- petróleo
- Stock exchange
- stockholder.
I think that your journal is short and schematic, but it isn't so bad.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


Roxana´s corrections are all OK. María´s corrections are all OK except two of them:

- most of us is OK (the mayority of us is wrong)

- too instead of two

And these are my corrections:

As you wrote the journal late, you should use the past, not the present perfect.

- Most of us arrived
- We learned
- started
- public limited companies appeared
- New inventions
- Incandescent light bulb
- metalworking
- The way of organizing work changed
- Ford´s...., which made the prices..... and changed the conception
- There were some changes in industrial concentration too
- .... products, which were cheaper.
- On the other hand the working conditions were awful , they started exploiting ...., but the resources are limited , they contributed to increase , pollution, the balance... Take the brackets out.
- production line ,
- payment in installments

You should add more information, because we talked about many other things during the lesson.

Add you have to add the sources of the pictures too.

Be faster correcting the mistakes, please.