Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday 12/12/2012


Today has been the day of the exam, so we have come before, at eight o´clock.
Then, Paqui has given us one exam and one sheet of paper for each.
The exam consisted of five questions and some people have been surprised because THE EXAM DIDN´T HAVE ANY EXERCISE OF TRUE OR FALSE!

The first question consisted of join with arrows some important characters of the 18th century, with some actions they did.
For example: George Washington-------------- was  the first president of the United States of America.
The second question was about Ancien Regime and its main features.
The third question was about Enlightenment. We had to define what Enlightenment was, to explain its main features and to talk about two enlightened philosophers and to say their main ideas.
In question number 4, we had to chose between four themes and to say all we know about them. Some of the themes were "the independence of the 13 colonies of North America"; "the War of Spanish Succession"; the reforms made by Charles III and the Constitution of the United States of America.
In the fifth question we also had to chose between some themes. We had to chose four of the themes, to define them and to say where and when did they developed.
Finally the bell rang at 9:05 and in theory the time of the exam was over, but Paqui has given us a little more time and I think everybody has finished the exam well.
That´s all, GOOD LUCK TO EVERYBODY, I think you´ll have a good mark.


maria said...

Hi Fernando!

Your journal is not bad, but it is a little short. The photos are good too.

I have found a mistake:
- to explain its main features and to talk, I think is better->explain its main features and talk. Without

I think that the exam was easy, if you have study, but it was a little long, and I haven't had time to finish well. I agree with you, I was surprised because there wasn't true or false.

I hope all of us will have a good mark. Bye bye !!

Salva Fuentes said...

Hi Fernando,

You can do the journal longer and to write more about the contents of every question. I have found some mistakes:
-Ancien Regime -> Ancien Régime.
-we had to chose -> we have had to chose(you have written past simple several times. Remember to use the present perfect).

That's all, bye!

Cris Mínguez said...

Hello Fernando! I agree with my classmates you can add more contents to the journal, but it's not bad.
I think you can't change the letter like you have done in the first pharagraphe. And yes I was also very surprised because of the exercise of true or false.
I agree with Maria the exam was easy if you had studied, but a bit long. Also the question of Acien Régime was long and only had 1 point haha
Apart from the mistakes our classmates have found, I think that:
- The exam consisted -> The exam has consisted.
- The first question consisted -> The first question has consisted.
- When you write Some of the themes were ... I think you have said all the themes that there were in the exercise.
That's all, good luck for everybody and see you tomorrow!

Raquel Ortiz Escribano said...

Hi people! I haven't read well the the fifth question and I don't know if I have said where and when did the themes I've chosen developed. :( :( I was very happy with my exam and now I'm worry... Thank you Paqui for not doing a true or false exercise! Bye!

Isabel Rodríguez said...

Hi Fernando! Your journal it's a bit short,but it's funny. I'm agree with all the mistakes have told to you, and I also haven't found more mistakes! So bye, bye, and I hope you will have a good mark!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hi Fernando,

You didn´t enlarge your journal wth the things I told you to add.

Here you have the corrections:
- The first exercise consisted of matching some important figures with...
- On question number 4 ...between four topics
- In the fifth chose some concepts... and to say when and where they took place
- ...the bell has rung

That´s all. Bye!