Monday, December 3, 2012


My today's journal.

Hello everybody...
Today, when we have gone to the class Paqui has given the checked notebooks. Then, I have gone to the toilet because I had been studying in the library during the breaktime. Then, we have started the lesson. First, Paqui has checked the exercise five about why did the Ancient Régime disappeared in France after the summer of 1789's events. 
The decisions ended with:
-the estate-based society: no more privileged. Everybody (only men) was equal before the law.
-feudal economy: peasants could work without paying the privileged.
-Absolute monarchy: the Declaration of Rights gave sovereignty to the nation. Sovereignty didn't belong to the king anymore.
Then Paqui has explained this decisions.
We have continued with another point: 


National Constituent Assembly (1789-September 1791):
-5th October 1789- The Women's March on Versailles obliged the king to come back to Paris and made him aware that he had not absolute power anymore. He tried to subvert this and the main decisions fo the Assembly.

-Main decisions of the Assembly:

  • Nationalization of all the properties of the clergy, the crown and nobles who fled from France and sale of these properties at auction.
  • Civil Constitutions of the Clergy: priests and bishops became civil servants paid by the state and elected by the people.
  • Veto power for the king (he could veto laws for 2 times)
  • Constitution fo 1791: ideas of political liberalism, division of powers, limitation of the powers of the king, national sovereignty, but census suffrage (only those who had properties could vote)
-June 1791: the royal family tried to flee from France (flight to Varennes), but they were  sent bank to Paris.

Then, Roxana has asked Paqui an interesting question and she has given an example with me!! jajaj
Then, Enrique and Salva have contributed with some quesions and Paqui has explained them. 
Then, I have asked Paqui what means " suffrage " in spanish and she has cleared my doubts.

-Sovereignty: soberanía
-Sovereign: soberano
-Subvert- subvertir ( cambiar el signo, dar la vuelta)
-Monarchist- monarquía
-At auction: in servant
-civil servant: funcionario
-veto power: derecho de veto
-to veto: vetar
-census suffrage: sufragio censitario.

SEE YOU! BYE BYE! :):):):):):):) GOOD NIGHT !


Laura Casero Mínguez said...

Paqui, I don't put any photos because I don't know what put! :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Laura,

You could include a picture of La Salle du Manège, where the National Constituent Assembly met, or the 1791 Consttution or the flight to Varennes. There are many pictures you can include.

I´ll correct the mistakes nobody finds tomorrow.

Sorry for disturbing your Monday nap ;)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Sorry: Constitution

Paloma Gómez de la Cueva said...

Hello Laura,

I think your journal is good. I have found some mistakes:
-sumer -> summer.
-disapear -> disappear.
-a interesting -> an interesting.

Bye bye! :):):) kisses!!

Gonzalo Martinez said...

Hello Laura,

I think your journal is good. I have found two mistakes:
- Suvereignty. Sovereignty
- Clerby. Clergy


Laura Casero Mínguez said...

okey ! thanks for the mistakes! bye bye :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Laura, you´ve included a too long link, but not the picture. You have to close the picture before copying its link. The picture you´ve chosen is not related with what we studied yesterday. Please, look for a different one: the 1791 Constitution oe Louis XVI´s flight to Varennes.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

These are my corrections:

- ...I had been studying in the library during the breaktime

-... everybody (only men) was equal
- anymore
-...these decisions
-...National Constituent Assembly
-...made him aware
-...State in capital letters
-...the royal family tried to flee ....they were sent back
-... Enrique and Salva have contributed with some questions
-...what suffrage means and she has solved my doubts

I think you could explain more some parts if you wrote complete sentences instead of schematizing or reproducing the notes.

Don´t forget to change the picture and its link. Have a nice long weekend!