Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Napoleonic wars in some maps

This is a collection of interactive maps related to the Napoleonic wars and the Napoleonic Empire. If you want to play them, click on the images. 

- This map comes from the BBC history website and it reproduces the Battle of Trafalgar, the sea battle that confronted the Hispano-French fleet with the British fleet commanded by Admiral Nelson: 

- This maps shows the extension of the Napoleonic Empire, including the allied States and its main enemies. It includes an animation of the Russian Campaign as well: 

- The following website explains all the details of the Russian Campaign (1812): 

- The last two links are two games about the Battle of Waterloo from the BBC and PBS websites. You can learn what happened, playing as Napoleon or the Duke of Wellington.

Yesterday I played the Battle of Waterloo as Napoleon and I won ;)

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