Saturday, December 15, 2012

15th December

At first, Paqui has said that the exams were very good and that we write very badly in English. Later, it has distributed them.
I pass my exam with 6’85 points.
After that, Paqui has remembered what we study another day and then we have copied the notes that were written in the blackboard.
She has explained it, and she said that:
-Girondist Convention provoked a trial and execution of king Louis XIV, The international coalition against France (the situation was so serious that the Committee of Public Safety ordered mass conscription àLevée in masse. This provoked a counter- revolutionary revolt in the Vendé Region) and in June 1793 the sans culottes stormed the National Convention, arrested many Girondists and gave power to the Jacobins.
Paqui drew a map to explain where were Vendée Region.

-Jacobin Convention provoked:
·        Extraordinary measures to end with the threat of invasion and counter- revolution. Suspension of liberties and decisions in favour of the people:
             -Law of suspects: quick trials of the suspected counter- revolutionary and execution by guillotine à Reign of Terror.
             -Law of the maximum: maximum prices for staples.
             -New Constitution (1793): democratic content, but not in force until danger disappeared.
             -Dechristianization and cult of Reason first and the Supreme Being later.
             -Sale of properties of the counter- revolutionary in small shares.
·        Threats were controlled, but the conservative members of the Convention lead a coup d’Etat against the Jacobins and executed their main leaders à THERMIDORIAN REACTION.
Paqui has written glossary too:
        -to stay firm: mantenerse firme
        -Fog: nieble
        -Mass conscription: reclutamiento forzoso. In this all the available men were obliged to go to war to stop the enemies.
        -Censorship: censured
        -scarcity: escasez
        -To come in force: entrar en vigor
        -Reign of Terror: el terror
        -Serious: grave (in this context)

For homework, Paqui has said that we have to do a summary of point C of page 15.



Roxana said...

Hello! I like your journal but I think that you have made some mistakes:
- Later, SHE has ...
- what we studied last day...
- ON the blackboard.
- has drawn
- where was the Vendée Region.
And that's all I have found.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


Paloma, you have to write a title for your journal. If you wrote the journal on Saturday morning, you should explain why and write all the verbs in the past: "Yesterday..."

Another correction is about the image: you have to close the picture before copying its link.

These are my corrections:
- I said that some of you (not all) write very badly in English, because you make a lot of spelling mistakes.
- I passed my exam with 6.85. You could add that 93% of the students passed the exam.
-... what we studied the last day
- Girondist Convention:its main decisions were. Don´t write "it provoked", because it´s not correct.
-..levée en masse
- Vendée
-...where the Vendée region is located

- The same with the Jacobin Convention: don´t write "provoked". Its main decisions were...
- fog is niebla, cebsorship is censura

You could add more information than the notes. People asked questions and I also asked you questions about the situation during the Jacobin Convention.

That´s all. See you tomorrow!