Monday, December 17, 2012

JOURNAL. Monday 17th of December 2012

Hello classmates!
Today in the class of Social Sciences Paqui has explained us the Reign of Terror and some cartoons of this time, Paqui has shown us the post on the blog about the guillotine (Madame Guillotine), then we have started to discuss about the public execution. The majority of the class says that the people who commit a big crime have to be executed, but Paqui has said that this is really sad because she thinks that the people that have been educated on human principles don’t have to think like this, Paqui has said that some classmates have violence ideas, but I agree with Paqui, if you kill this people you will be equal as they are.

After the discuss Paqui has explained us the Thermidorian Reaction (when the danger of invasion disappeared and the internal revolts were controlled the terror policy continued).
Then we have corrected the summary about the directory.

v  Executive power: five members
  •      Le Tourneur.
  •      Carnot.
  •      La Reveillère.
  •      Barras.
  •      Rebwell.

v  Two legislative chambers:
  •      Council of the five hundred.
  •      Councils of the ancients.

v  Problems:
  •      Attacks from the absolutists.
  •      Popular protests.
  •      War against the European monarchies.
  •      Serious economic crisis.
  •      Corruption and loss of prestige of the Directory.

After check the summary we have seen on the blackboard the slide of 18th Brumaire1799 Bonaparte’s Coup d’État and Paqui has explained us that Napoleon was a very intelligent man, the deputies try to manipulate him but, he manipulated them.
And for finish the class Paqui has shown us the post of Make your choice, which summarized some of the quotes of Napoleon.

The homework for the next day is:
Summarize the information about the Napoleonic Era.

- Animated cartoons: dibujos animados.
- Cartoons: viñeta, chiste gráfico.
- Witty: agudo.
- Guilty: culpable.
- Dreadful: horrible, espantoso.
- The gallows: la horca.
- To deserve: merecer.
- Sect: secta.
- Loss: perdida.
- To resign: dimitir.
- Triumvirate: triumvirato.


maria said...

Hi Marta !!

Your journal is very good, i like so much, and I like the photos too, they're very interesting.

I don't have any mistakes, I think all you have writen is ok.

I agree with you, execute persons is very harldy, but I think that in the prision, the people don't live bad, they have food to eat, clean clothes, the only thing they don't have is their family.

Bye bye Marta, have a nice week.

Monica said...

Hello Marta!
I like your journal. Is it very good and very complete. I like the photos and the hipervinculos that you put.
I didn´t found any mistake!
Bye Bye!

Cris Mínguez said...

Hi Marta! Today I haven't been in class because I have been all the day ill. I have just read the journal and I totaly agree with Paqui and with you. We can't think that execute people who have done a big crime is a good thing, because this is not human, if we think that, we are thinking like the person who has done the crime. If all the people recieve the same bad things that they do, I don't know how would be the world.
I will write the glossary on my notebook!

Cris Mínguez said...

And I think I have found some mistakes:
- Paqui has explained to us - Paqui has explained us. You have written this good all the times, except in the first paragraph.
- We don't say I'm agree or I'm disagree, we say I agree or I disagree.
- He manipulated they - he manipulated them.
- And to finis - And for finish

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Marta,

Just some short comments about the style. Tomorrow I´ll correct the mistakes people don´t find:

- Before copying the source of the pictures you choose, You have to close the picture on Google Images and then copy the link. If you don´t do it this way, the link is too long.

- The link to Napoleon Bonaparte´s quotes is the following. I´ve sent you an e-mail to tell you to include the link:

Tomorrow more.

Roxana said...

Hello! I like your journal, but I have found some mistakes:
- On the blog.
- has said that
- dont' have to think like this.
- the deputies tried to manipulate him, but...

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

You´ve forgotten to include the homework for Wednesday: summarize the information about the Napoleonic Era. e have to finish the French Revolution before the holidays!

Salva Fuentes said...

Hi Marta,

I like your journal. I have found some mistakes:
-Social Science -> Social Sciences.
-if you kill this people you will be equal as they ARE.

I agree with you, the abolition of death penalty in some countries like Spain is a big conquest. We can't get rid of violence using more violence. Violence should be used if there isn't another option. We have to get a world where violence is not common starting with ourselves.


Paqui Pérez Fons said...


These are my last corrections:

- Word order: the post about the guillotine on the blog.
- Death penalty instead of public execution
- ... all the people who have been educated...
-...violent ideas
-... if you kill these people, you will be equal to them
- After the debate
- The paragraph about the Termidorian Reaction is confusing. This is what it should say: the excuse the people who led the Thermidorian reaction used was that terror policy had gone on, despite the danger of invasion had disappeared and the internal revolts had been conttrolled.
- Directory, Council of the Five Hundred and Council of the Ancients in capital letters
- After checking the summary we have seen the slide.... on the blacboard. Word order again.
- The members of the Directory tried to manipulate...
- And to finish the lesson... some of Napoleon´s quotes
- loss means "pérdida"

As for death penalty, my opinion is clear. I don´t think criminals live well in jail, because they are deprived of freedom and the ability of deciding what to do, they have to share their life with people they haven´t chosen and they are submitted to strict rules. Prisons are full with people who haven´t had many opportunities in their lives and if we trust in the future and in human nature, we have to believe in repentance, forgiveness and reformation. That´s my opinion.

See you!