Sunday, December 2, 2012

Friday 30th of November


Today in Social Sciences Paqui has started telling that today is last people of the list turn to give the notebook. Then She has been explaining that we have to copy all the glossary, because there are people that have only copied about fifty words.

After this we have ckecked the exercicises 2 and 3 from Wednesday. In the exercise 3 we have copied Paqui's explanation because we don't do well.
In the blackboard, she has write that: The Estates met in the traditional way, every Estate discussed separatedly and they had to vote per estate. The third estate representatives complained and demanded collective sesions and voting per person.

Then we have started copied what happened on the 20th June 1789: The members of the Third Estate and the deputies of the clergy and nobles, declared themselves as the real representatives of the people in France and formed a National Assembly. The deputies started writting a Constitution. The Assembly received the name of National Constituent Assembly.

Paqui, after all this explanations has give for homework look for information about what happened in the Summer of 1789.

After the people who has to give the notebook, has give to the teacher, and then the bells rangs.

Today's Glossary
-To defi: desafiar
-Tennis court: frontón
-To swear: jurar
-Oath: juramento del juego de pelota
-To obey. obedecer
-To desobey: desobedecer
-Reluctantly: a la fuerza
-Draft: borrador

P.D: Sorry for the delate, but I couldn't do before.

See you tomorrow! :)


Salva Fuentes said...

Hello Laura.

I think that your journal is quite short. Also, I have found some mistakes:
-She -> she (because Paqui is not God ;)).
-exercicises -> exercices.
-don't do well -> we haven't done well / we didn't do well.
-write -> written.
-sesion -> session.

I also think that the members of the deputies of the Third Estate and SOME members of the clergy and nobility formed the National Assembly. Then, the king obliged the rest of the clergy and nobility to join them. But, I'm not sure because I don't have the notes... .

See you tomorrow!

fernando garcia said...

Hello, Laura
I can tell you only one thing, I think that your journal could be longer, but it´s good.
That´s all.
Bye, see you on Monday.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


These are my corrections:

- Today was the Zlast students of the list´s turn.

- As Salva has said, you have to write "she" in lower case letter. I´m just a humble teacher ;)

- On the blackboard
-...we have started copying
-...writing a Constitution
- ...has given us an exercise about what happened in the summer of 1789. Remenber that you did the exercise in the classroom and we corrected it.
-...the people whohad to give the notebooks have given them... and the bell has rung

- to defy
- Tennis Court Oath: Juramento del Juego de Pelota
- to disobey
-...for the delay

As you have written the journal on Sunday, you should have used the past instead of using the present perfect and write "last Friday" instead of "today".

See you tomorrow.