Thursday, October 8, 2015

This day in history: the Battle of Lepanto

On the 7th October 1571 the Holy League fleet captained by John of Austria defeated Suleyman the Magnificent's fleet in the Gulf of Lepanto, near the coast of Greece. This battle was decissive, because it stopped the Turk threat in the Eastern Mediterranean, 

John of Austria, Philip II's half brother

Here ou have a map of the location of Lepanto, now called Naufpaktos: 


And on this link you can download a presentation with an animated map of the battle: 

As you know, Miguel de CErvantes participated in the battle and was injured in his left hand. The reason why he participated in the battle was because he had enlisted in the navy in Italy in 1570. We don't know for sure why he was in Italy at the moment, but he might have fled there to avoid being arrested for having participated in a duel and injured his oponent, Cervntes described the Battle of Lepanto as “the highest and most memorable occasion that past and future centuries will ever hope to see”. Hopefully, Cervantes didn't die there and he could write the Quixote. 

Cervates jauregui.jpg

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